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News and Prayer for the Persecuted

Nepal Asks Christians To "Reconsider Their Faith" Before Receiving 
ID Cards
4/30/2014 Nepal (AsiaNews)
The Nepali government announced that all Nepali citizens will be provided with a national identity card. However, the government plan also calls for Christians, Christian converts and Muslims to "reconsider their faith" before applying. All religious minorities are joining in solidarity to fight against all forms of government discrimination. They're calling on the authorities to immediately rectify the recently announced procedures.

  • Pray the Nepali government will heed the call of their people and rectify the recently announced procedures
  • Pray that Christians will not fold to the pressures of the government and remain steadfast in their faith
  • Pray discrimination against Christians in Nepal will end

Nigerians Call For a Million Woman March to Demand the Release of 234 School Girls Abducted by Islamic Militants
4/30/2014 Nigeria (BBC)

March organizers said 500 people, mainly women dressed in red, braved heavy rain to march to the National Assembly in the capital Abuja. There they protested the government's slow reaction to secure the release of the 234 girls kidnapped two weeks ago in Chibok. Saruta, from Chibok, told the BBC "For how long are we going to wait for the government to help us? We can't bear it anymore."

  • Pray for the safety and speedy return of the kidnapped girls
  • Pray government will listen to the cries of the families and take swift action
  • Pray that God would move on the hearts of the captors and they would set the girls free

Syria's Assyrians Threatened By Extremists
4/28/2014 Syria (Al-Monitor)

As Assyrian Christians remember the 99 year anniversary of a bloody massacre and forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Assyrians, in addition to many other religious and ethnic minorities, they are also presently experiencing intense suffering. The presence of violent extremist groups in Syria has had brutal consequences for all Syrians, and religious minorities have experienced much of the worst. 

  • Pray Syria will receive freedom from all extremism
  • Pray for the spiritual and physical healing for all during these difficult times
  • Pray for the protection of refugees forced to flee due to violence 

Christian Converts Arrested at Easter Service in Iran

4/28/2014 Iran (Mohabat News)

Human rights news sources in Iran have reported that Iranian authorities in plain-clothes raided a house-church holding an Easter Service resulting in arrests. The five arrested have been identified as Ehsan Sadeghi, Nazi and Maryam Asadi, Vahid Safi, and Amin Mazloomi. There are no details available on their whereabouts and efforts by families to locate them have been ineffective.

  • Pray for the safety and release of all detained due to religious discrimination
  • Pray Iran will rise above this intolerance
  • Pray for the successful location of the five Christians detained

Maryland College Blocks Admission to Student Because of Christian Faith
4/25/2014 United States (Christian Post)
The American Center for Law and Justice is suing the Community College of Baltimore County Maryland after Brandon Jenkins was denied admittance because of his faith  in God.  When Jenken followed up with his application, he was told that among the reasons why he was not selected was because his chosen field is "not the place for religion."

  • Pray for the renewing in strength for Brandon Jenkins as he stands in faith
  • Praise God for brothers and sisters who continue to stand in Jesus' precious name 
  • Pray for justice in this case 

Underground Congregations Across China Facing Arrests, Harassment
4/24/2014 China (UCANews)
The propaganda department of China's Communist Party last week gave Beijing's prominent underground churches an Easter present, banning any reporting about the Protestant Shouwang Church's outdoor services. While Shouwang has been a target of the government for many years, the new government is targeting any organization perceived as a threat to Chinese Communist Party policy.

  • Pray for the healing and renewal of Shouwang Churches and congregations  
  • Pray against China's religious and political intolerance
  • Pray for the millions of believers in underground house churches in China

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ICC Calls on Sudan to Release a Christian Mother 
on Death Row

Persecuted For Her Faith

A Christian mother, pregnant with her second child, has been sentenced to death in Sudan. Considered a Muslim by birth for having been born within the East African nation's borders, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim has been found guilty of converting from Islam, her "natural" religion, to Christianity, which is a criminal offense punishable by death.

Because of her marriage to a South Sudanese Christian, Sudan has also charged Meriam with having committed adultery. According to Sudan's Public Order laws, "natural" Muslims like Meriam cannot legally marry Christians, making her relationship with her husband and the father of her children "adulterous," which is a criminal offense punishable by 100 lashings with a whip.

With little to no international knowledge of her case, Meriam's situation has grown desperate as Sudanese authorities have threatened to carry out her execution after allowing her to give birth to her second child next month.

Will You Raise Your Voice for the Voiceless? 

Today, ICC is calling on Sudanese embassies the world over to demand Meriam's immediate and unconditional release. Will you join us?

We've provided a brief script below to guide you in calling on your Sudanese Embassy to respectfully demand Meriam's immediate and unconditional release:

Dear Embassy Representative,

Thank you for taking my call today. I would like to bring Meriam Yahia Ibrahim's case to your government's attention.

On March 4th, a Public Order Court in Khartoum sentenced Meriam to death, in violation of her human right to religious freedom.

I'm calling today to respectfully ask the Government of Sudan to release Meriam immediately so that she may be reunited with her husband.

Thank you for your time and your Government's consideration of my call.

We ask that you always be courteous and that you reflect Christ in your words and demeanor when advocating on behalf of those persecuted for His holy name. Remember, Scripture instructs us to "Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die" - Proverbs 31:8 NKJV.

How to Contact Your Embassy

For U.S. Citizens:
2210 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
United States
For U.K. Citizens:
3 Cleveland Row
St. James, London SW1A 1DD
United Kingdom
For Canadian Citizens:
354 Stewart
Ottawa, ON K1N 6K8

For Belgian Citizens:
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 124
1050 Brussels

For German Citizens:
Kurfürstendamm 151
10709 Berlin

For French Citizens:
11, rue Alfred Dehodencq
75016 Paris


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