mercredi 19 mars 2014


MUSLIM supremacists sue Empire State Building for $5 million because they were forcibly ejected when they tried to turn the Observation Deck into a makeshift mosque

green-empire-state-buildingA Muslim Long Island family slapped the owners of the Empire State Building with a scathing $5 million lawsuit claiming they were embarrassingly forced off the tourist hotspot’s observation deck last summer by security — after they attempted to pray in public by removing their shoes, spreading out prayer rugs, getting down on their hands and knees and lifting their asses to Allah.

NY Post (h/t Don Laird)  Fahad and Amina Tirmizi of Farmingville filed the Manhattan federal court suit against the midtown icon’s owner and property manager Malkin Properties, security company Andrews International Inc. and others, saying their civil rights were violated July 2 when they were allegedly “assaulted, battered and forcibly removed” from the famed Observatory while trying to pray around 11 pm.


The suit claims that Fahad Tirmizi, 32, and his 30-year-old wife were unfairly targeted “because they were Muslim, wearing traditional Muslim attire, and/or engaged in Muslim prayer.” The couple was accompanied by their two young children who watched in horror as they are their parents were booted off the observation deck, the suit alleges. (It’s about time. Muslims have increasingly been shoving their religion asses in our faces all over New York City – photos below)

Notice the 'Madison Avenue' sign in the background
Notice the ‘Madison Avenue’ sign in the background

“The defendants have an unlawful policy, custom, practice, procedure and/or rule, whether express or implied, of barring patrons from exercising their religious beliefs in the Empire State Building and/or the Observatory,” the suit says.

The family was visiting the 86th-floor outdoor Observatory around the time when they’re required by religious beliefs to recite evening prayers, so they walked over to a section where there was little foot traffic, the suit says.


While Amina briefly prayed without incident, a security guard strutted over to Fahad and “menacingly poked” him with his hands and feet and loudly told him he “was not allowed to pray while at the Observatory.”

He and another guard then told the entire family they had to leave “immediately” and “forcibly escorted” the “plaintiffs and their children to the Observatory elevator, down to the lobby, and out of the of the Empire State Building entirely.” (Probably thought they were getting ready to set off a bomb)


“As a result of the foregoing conduct, plaintiffs were shamed, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of each other, their children and the general public,” the suit says. (Awwww, don’t like it, get out of NY)

A lawyer for the Tirmizi family and reps for Malkin Properties did not immediately return messages.

Couldn’t find any video of the Muslims praying on the Empire State Bldg, but here they are, brazenly blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic in many areas of Manhattan…using our First Amendment in ways it was never intended to be used.



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