mercredi 19 mars 2014


Tommy Robinson: In Court Again Today

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, will appear in court later today on charges unrelated to those that led to his current imprisonment.
We just received this message from a source in the EDL:
Regarding Tommy: Today (the 19th of March) he is facing court over charges of a public disorder offence. Specifically, he is accused of “inciting illegal public assembly” at an EDL rally in Tower Hamlets on 7 September 2013.
Why was Tommy arrested? His “crime” was to make a speech that was slightly longer than three minutes.
There is a new risk that may result from his court appearance: during the hearing he will be moved to another prison, and it is highly likely that this will be a much more dangerous place than HMP Winchester, where he is at present (Tommy “likes” his current prison; the place is quite friendly for him, with a lot of soldiers) .
Keep your fingers crossed for him today! And, for those so inclined, please say a prayer for him.
Any additional word on today’s events in court will be posted here as soon as it comes in.

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