vendredi 13 décembre 2013


UK: Sharia patrol group to target sellers of alcohol


(Le pub favori de JPPS)

The religion of disturbing the peace will do just that…after a rousing Friday call to jihad prayer that is. 

via Jihad Watch, Muslim group “Sharia Project” to target London revellers with anti-alcohol protest:


From the Sharia Project website:
In other words, dead. Subtle threats and warnings. Beware Muslim liquor sellers.
This message is therefore a warning to any Muslim that may be involved in the trade of alcohol to fear Allah (SWT) and stop this sinful action immediately. Not only are you destroying the lives of people in your community, but you are also earning the curse of Allah (SWT) by violating His commands.
We would also like to remind you that Muslims are forbidden from buying from you whilst you are engaged in this sin and that you should also consider the effects the unlawful income you acquire from the sale of alcohol will ultimately have on you and your family members


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