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Blasphemy Law "Reform" in Pakistan Detrimental to Christians
12/11/2013  Pakistan (Daily Times)

The Federal Shariat Court ordered the Pakistan government to implement a decision made in 1990 that violators of the blasphemy laws should only by punished by death, as opposed to having a life imprisonment option. The situation is recognized in Great Britain as being highly dangerous for Christians, as the law leaves them even more susceptible to persecution. 

  • Pray that the Pakistan government is swayed in favor of protecting human rights 
  • Pray for the Christians who must live in fear because of blasphemy laws 
  • Pray for Pakistan's international relationships to lead them to stop persecuting Christians 

Mexico Sees Increase in Religious Freedom Violations
12/9/2013 Mexico (CSW)

The Mexican government as a whole seems to refuse to step in in matters of religious persecution. In many parts of Mexico, the people must follow the religion of the majority, or face violence or vandalism.  This is because much of Mexico has local indigenous governing bodies. Organized crime in Mexico also contributes to reports of persecution.

  • Pray that the power of the local governments will be reined in and they will no longer be allowed to dictate religion
  • Pray that the Mexican government will wisely exercise the power from the constitution in the right way 
  • Pray for the Christians there who face kidnappings and punishments for not following the majority way of worship

North Korea Satellite Images Expose Vast Prison Camps
12/6/2013 North Korea (Christian Post)

Amnesty International revealed satellite images of prison camps full of "political prisoners" being held in deplorable conditions. The treatment of the inhabitants of these prisons is inhumane. Christians are the most targeted group, being imprisoned or even executed for possessing a Bible in North Korea.

  • Pray for the protection of all the prisoners in the camps 
  • Pray the international community will step in on account of human rights being violated
  • Pray that the terror in North Korea will soon end

Why is China Still Arresting Christians by the Dozen?
12/6/2013  China (International Christian Concern)

In mid-November, Pastor Zhang Shaojie and 22 of his parishioners were arrested by Chinese authorities in the Henan Province. The church they belong to is a registered "Three-Self" church, so there is no reason for the members or the pastor to be arrested. The authorities will not give any information on the pastor, and his daughter has received death threats for spreading the word of his captivity to the outside world. The good news is that the international attention may eventually lead to the offending parties being held responsible for their actions.

  • Pray that the pastor and the church members are released soon and safely
  • Pray for the families of the church members
  • Pray that the lawyers attempting to help will be granted access to see the church members 

Hundreds of Christians Left Churchless as Indonesian Authorities Tear Down Worship Center
12/6/2013  Indonesia  (International Christian Concern) 
The South Sulawesi Christian Church in Sulawesi, Indonesia was demolished by local authorities. The government informed church members they were to stop all services shortly before beginning demolition. The authorities claim the building violates the "Joint Decree on Houses of Worship." This law had led to issues before-the church was told they must obtain 60 signatures from local Muslims giving them permission to repair the roof in 2011.
  • Pray that this law will be shown to be discriminatory 
  • Pray that the church will continue-it is the people that make the church, not the building
  • Pray that they are able to have a new place to worship together soon

The Plight of Christians in Sri Lanka Continues to Deteriorate
11/5/2013  Sri Lanka(International Christian Concern)
Sri Lanka's reputation as a religiously tolerant nation sadly appears to be coming to an end.  In 2012, there were 52 incidences of violence against Christians reported, most carried out by Sinhalese Buddhist monks. Christians are facing persecution in many ways, including beatings, forced closures of churches, burning of homes, and numerous threats.  The authorities are in denial, citing one instance of a pastor being beaten as "made up." 

  • Pray that the Sri Lanka government will stop ignoring these injustices
  • Pray for the Christian families who have lost their homes or churches 
  • Pray that fear will not keep the Christians from worshiping and showing the love of Christ

 'If we forget about Pastor B.K. now, he's probably going die in prison'

Pastor B.K., a 67-year-old believer, has been imprisoned for his faith in Kazakhstan. 
Our shouts have gathered the attention of the Kazakh government, but if we stay silent now, who knows what they will do to him. 

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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