jeudi 26 septembre 2013


NYC: 2013 Muslim Day Parade Full of Jihad (video)

via Urban Infidel: Muslim Day Parade 2013.
I went to the New York City Muslim Day Parade yesterday.
According to the official parade program, this year’s theme was, “Islam’s Contribution to Human Civilization.” Yes, you read that right. And yes, it is singular, not plural.
To quote the editor over at The Religion of Peace,Other than a big stack of dead bodies, I can’t think of much else.  Guess they’ll have to be creative.”
Well, they didn’t even bother trying to be creative. It was the same old, same old, with lots more of the same.  No inclusiveness.  No reaching out to their fellow man, just a lot of victimhood and no mention of terrorism, such as the mall siege in Nairobi over the weekend or the suicide bombing of an historic Christian church in Pakistan during services yesterday.
It was just more Islamic jihad with extra jihad.
Marchers with the flags of Islamic jihad on full display.

New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly came for a photo-op.
New York State Assemblyman Democrat Eric Stevenson spoke about his push for halal meals in our city schools and Islamic holidays.
It was Morsi, Morsi, Morsi!
Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the sworn enemies of the United States.

Full set of photos, please click here.


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