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Moroccan Christian Arrested; Appeal Under Way
 9/12/2013 Washington DC (International Christian Concern) 
On September 2, Mohamed el Baladi was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and a fine of 5000 dirham ($600 USD) for the crimes of evangelism and shaking the faith of a Muslim. An appeal of the conviction has been filed in this case calling for it to be overturned and the complete ruling of the judge to be thrown out.
  • Pray for Mohamed's physical safety in prison
  • Pray the appeal will be successful
  • Pray Mohamed will be able to find a support group of fellow Christians in Morocco  

Pastor in Kazakhstan Held in Psychiatric Ward and Refused Visitors
9/12/2013 Kazakhstan (CNL)

After being arrested under the accusation of causing grievous bodily harm through "hypnosis, " the pastor of the Protestant Church "Grace," 67-year-old Bahtzhan Kashkumbaev has secretly been subjected to treatments at the National Psychiatric Centre for almost all of August.  The pastor is now reported to have been returned to police custody. His exact location remains unclear. 
  • Pray that Pastor Kashkumbaev's family will be able to discover his location 
  • Pray Pastor Kashkumbaev will have peace during any further interrogations and psychiatric examinations 
  • Pray Pastor Kashkumbaev will continue to build relationships and share the Good News with his fellow inmates 

Anti-Christian Violence Continues to Escalate in Northern and Central Nigeria

9/12/2013 Nigera (BosNewsLife)

Nigeria's second-highest ranking Anglican leader, Archbishop Ignatius Kattey, was kidnapped and a Christian family slaughtered in recent attacks carried out by Muslim militants. David, age 20, who was not present during the attack, is the sole survivor of the family.  Dung Dauda, 42, was shot and killed during the violence.  Anti-Christian violence has been encouraged by the militant group Boko Haram, or 'Western Education is a Sin', which fights for an independent Islamic state.
  • Pray for the safe return of Archbishop Kattey to his congregation
  • Pray the cycle of violence and revenge to not become entrenched

The Battle for Syria's Ancient Christian Village
9/12/2013 Syria (RT) 

Fighting continues to rage for control of Syria's ancient Christian village of Maaloula.  There have been claims that the rebels have resorted to looting, executions and forcing residents to convert to Islam.  Maaloula, a mountain village of 2,000 people, is the center of Christianity in the region. Alongside of Catholic and Orthodox monasteries there are the remains of numerous convents, churches, shrines and sanctuaries.

  • Pray for the protection of the vulnerable and innocent caught in the crossfire 
  • Pray for awareness of the plight and unique vulnerability of the Christian community in the country  
Pastor Taken Hostage in
Philippines Rebel Attack
9/9/2013 Philippines (World Watch Monitor)
At least 20 people have been taken hostage, including a pastor and several Christians, by the Moro National Liberation Front, a separatist group seeking to create an Islamic state. At least six people were killed during the kidnapping operation and more than 800 have fled their homes.  A local church has been tending to casualties.

  • Pray for strength of the pastor so as to be able to encourage and strengthen the others who have been kidnapped
  • Pray for the encouragement and provision of the families of the kidnapped

Video Shows Police 
Arresting House Church Christians in China
9/9/2013 China (China Aid) 

Two church members remain in custody after their arrest in August, 2013 by local policemen.  The church had continued to meet together after being banned and having their church ransacked by the local Religious Affairs Bureau (RAB). The believers from the church originally separated from a local Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) church due to a difference in opinion concerning whether the church was led by the Holy Spirit or the Communist Party.

  • Pray for justice and fairness in dealing with the court and local magistrates 
  • Pray the local church will not bow to violence and intimidation
  • Pray for the peace of Christ in the midst of their suffering for those still imprisoned 

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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