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26 May 2013 

On the 29th of June Tommy Robinson will be raising money for Help For Heroes. Tommy will undertake a 17mile walk from Westminster to Woolwich and lay a wreath in support of our troops. We have been campaigning from the very earliest of days to make the military covenant something that is enshrined in law. We need to show our fullest respect for those who put their lives on the line so that we can live in a free democratic society. Although Tommy knows that he will be risking his own life doing this, he knows that its time to make a stand. Recent events have tragically woke the population up, radical Islam has waged war on our serving soldiers here in the UK. We cannot afford to show Islamists any sign of weakness, we cannot allow them to roam free in our country while they plot to destroy it and murder our troops. 
We have a duty, and we, as a movement have to step up to the plate and be counted, we have to make our politicians listen. Tommy will as a precaution wear a bullet proof vest for the duration of this walk, so as we spare a thought to the risk that Tommy is taking here lets also reflect on the risk and the sacrifice our brave boys and girls endure on a daily basis. 
You can donate straight to Tommy's just giving page or you can TEXT donate straight from your mobile by texting the code EDLS99 then add a space followed by the amount you would like to donate £5 and send to 70070 We shall not forsake them, we will remember each and every one of them. Lest we forget! 
 You can find Tommys donate page here..... 

"Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey

"Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey - YouTube
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