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The Answer is Yes
Posted: 12 Jun 2013 

Recently, Michael Adebolajo, British citizen,born of Nigerian parents,and a convert to Islam in 2003,did the following:
1.Adebolajo and another Muslim killed British soldier Lee Rigby on May 22, 2013 in London.And he said “Allahu Akbar / Allah is great.”
2.Then they waited for the arrival of the police and Adebolajo,in a video, explained that it was for Islam. But British Muslim organizations have condemned the action, saying it was against Islam. Are they right?
Is the action justified by Islam?
1.From the perspective of traditional Islam, mainstream Islam, the answer is yes.
2.First there is offensive jihad and defensive jihad.
Offensive jihad or holy war(so to speak) against the non-Muslim world can be initiated only by the caliph or leader of all Muslims.That is offensive jihad.
3.But a Muslim who is not the caliph can not launch an offensive jihad.However,if a Muslim country is attacked by a non-Muslim,then the Muslim is obliged to do defensive jihad, defend the Muslim country, either militarily,as a fighter, or financially, giving money to the military campaign. Michael Adebolajo had simply done defensive jihad by killing Lee Rigby.

Lee Rigby
Was the soldier Lee Rigby guilty of attacking a Muslim country? The answer is yes
1.He had fought in Afghanistan against its inhabitants.
2.And he was in London doing recruiting,trying to convince young Britishers to join the army and fight in Afghanistan.
It’s even in the Koran
It is true that the verse makes reference to events during the 10-year war between Muhammad and the Meccan pagans,a war that left 1,000-1,500 dead:
1.But Muslims have always taken it as a command to follow
2.If an equal or similar situation happens in the future (as in the case of Lee Rigby and his actions in Afghanistan) then the Muslim has to do defensive jihad and there are several options:
Chapter 5:32-34
“For this cause have We(Note:Allah) prescribed to the children of Israel that who kills a soul,
unless it be for killing another soul or for violence in the land, (Note:Lee Rigby had done that in Afghanistan)
it is as though he had killed all humanity; but who saves one, it is as though he had saved humanity. Our apostles came to them with manifest signs; then, verily, many of them did after that commit excesses in the earth.

The reward of those who make war against God and his Messenger(Note:Muhammad), and strive after violence in the earth, is only that:
1.They will be slaughtered(Note:like Rigby)
2.Or crucified
3.Or their hands cut off and their feet on alternate sides,
4.Or that they will be banished from the land that is a disgrace for them in this world, and for them in the next is mighty woe
save for those who repent before you have them in your power, for know you that God is forgiving, merciful.”

Note:Lee Rigby had not repented before his death so his slaughter was justified by the Koran.
To verify the Koranic citation go to, which has:
1.Six translations by Muslims.

2.Four translations by Non-Muslims.
3.The text in Arabic,with Latin letters.

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