mercredi 17 avril 2013



Muslims Of Calgary: Jews Corrupt Muslims To Steal Their Land

The Muslims Of Calgary have within their library a book entitled "The Ideological Attack", it outlines how the Jews conspire to corrupt Muslims and others in order to steal their land. 
NB this is just one excerpt there is much much more in this one book alone I encourage you to search it.

"The zionist war is just the same. The jews strive their utmost to corrupt the beliefs, morals and manners of the Muslims. The jews scheme and crave after possessing the Muslim lands, as well as the lands of others.

 They have fulfilled some of their plans and continue striving hard to implement the rest of them. Even though they do engage the Muslims in warfare involving strength and arms and have occupied some of their lands, they also fight them by spreading destructive thoughts, beliefs and ideologies; such as Freemasonry, Qadiaanisim, Bahaaism, Teejaanism and others - seeking the support of the christiansand others, in order to fulfill their objectives17."

muslims of calgary Ideological attack

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