mardi 3 décembre 2013


ABSURD! Italian female politician fined for staging an anti-burqa protest

images1-vi4The absurdity of this charge is clear. In 2011, Italy was hailed as the country most likely to become the next European Union member to introduce a burqa ban, after parliament announced it would debate legislation after the summer recess.


Europe Online  Daniela Santanche, a well-known Italian right-wing politician was fined Monday for staging a protest against the wearing of burqas and other Islamic veils for women. 


Santanche, a leading member of the conservative Forza Italia party of former premier Silvio Berlusconi, organized the action in Milan four years ago, outside a building where Muslims were holding end-of-Ramadan prayers. She was handed a four-day jail sentence and a 100-euro (135-dollar) fine for not warning police about her protest. The punishment was converted into a 1,100-euro fine.

The politician criticized the ruling and said she would appeal. Courts also slapped a 2,500-euro fine on an Egyptian man who punched Santanche during her protest.

Santanche’ was running a campaign in Italy to expose the burqua and veil as oppressive to women. She took the fight to the front line , entering a muslim ‘prayer meeting’ and asking to speak to some women to tell them they were being oppressed by a male-dominated regime masquerading as a religion, and was subsequently attacked.

In 2006, when she was given a police escort after being threatened by an imam, Santanche said that “the veil is a symbol of women‘s submission.” She also wrote a critical book on the condition of Muslim women.

Fearless leader of ’Forza Italia (Movement for Italy), hot tempered Daniela Santanchè rails about the Prophet Muhammad’s sexual perversions which enraged a Muslim in the audience, who had to be restrained.

Santanche is the outspoken Italian political leader has long engaged in a battle for integration and against Islamic fundamentalism. She was recently assaulted for protesting against the burka. 


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