mardi 1 juillet 2014


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'Showing God's love was not hard...'
Dear Jean-Pierre Schweitzer,

Iraq is in crisis. 

The Iraqi government is reeling as radical Jihadists have claimed control of much of the country. The brutal group ISIS has gone so far as to declare the creation of an Islamic state and the restoration of the Caliphate. 

The Iraqi Church is struggling to hang on. Thousands of Christians have fled their homes knowing that the Islamic state they are trying to create will have no place for Christians.

ICC is working with Iraqi churches in the Kurdish controlled region of northern Iraq to provide crucial aid to those who have fled their homes.

We asked for your support and many have responded. Already, ICC has sent funds to provide for hundreds of food packages and nearly 50 non-food packages of mattresses, blankets, and clean water.

But the need is still growing. On Wednesday night and Thursday, fighting moved to a Christian enclave outside of Mosul and reports came that as many as 50,000 more Iraqis were evacuating to northern Iraq.

"Two days ago a new wave of hundreds of families started pouring into Ankawa," an ICC partner wrote in an update on Saturday.

The distributions are ongoing and the Church is making a difference in the lives of thousands in need.

"Showing God's love was not hard. One welcoming word or a smile will make the weary be very thankful to God for their safe arrival," ICC's partner said.

The reality is that the Iraqi Church is doing incredible work, but needs our help as they serve those in need. The prices for basic goods are skyrocketing. Housing is in short supply and the need is simply staggering.

Will you help us to support the Iraqi Church and to assist them as they care for so many in need?


As always, we will use your gifts efficiently, ethically, and effectively, to assist the Christians victimized by this civil war. I promise!

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Jeff King,
ICC President 

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