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Indonesia: Seven Churches Shut Down by Radical Islamists in Cianjur District
6/3/2014 Indonesia (AsiaNews)
Indonesia, the most populous Islamic nation in the world, closes seven more churches. Under pressure from Islamic extremists, Cianjur district chiefs closed the churches over alleged irregularities in building permits according to Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB). "We no longer have a place of worship to come together and pray," says Rev. Oferlin Hai, of Church of People's Synod.  He also adds that some of the faithful "have moved to other places for security reasons." 

  • Pray for equality and religious freedom in Indonesia
  • Pray the hearts and minds of the Indonesian people will be opened to receive the Word and Truth of our Lord
  • Pray the churches will be released and returned to the Christian people

Defense Lawyers for Mother Sentenced to Death for Her Faith Refute Possible Release
6/3/2014 Sudan (Christian Post)

Defense lawyers for Meriuam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old mother of two and wife to an American citizen sentenced to death for her Christian faith, have categorized reports detailing Ibrahim's possible release as "absurd." Saturday, May 31, Abdullah Alzareg, an under-secretary for Sudan's foreign Ministry, implicated the al-Bashir regime's intention to release Ibrahim for two years to nurse her newborn daughter, Maya, in speaking with the BBC. It has, in the days since, been made clear that should the Sudanese State ever have held such an intention, it has chosen to renege on that intention.

  • Pray for Meriam's physical and spiritual healing as she continues to languish in prison
  • Pray Sudan will listen to the pleas of the people and release Meriam and her children
  • Pray our Lord's comfort, protection and healing will come upon Meriam and her family

North Korea: Christian Missionary Sentenced to Life in Hard Labor
6/2/2014 North Korea (Christian Post) 
North Korean media has reported that South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-Wook has been sentenced to hard labor for life on charges of spying and setting-up underground churches. Kim was arrested in October and received a trial Friday. However, he is not the first to receive this harsh sentence. Kenneth Bae, an imprisoned American Christian who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government, remains in a labor camp.
  • Pray for the safe release of Kim Jung-Wook and Kenneth Bae
  • Pray the international community will no longer overlook North Korea's atrocities 
  • Pray for the protection of missionaries risking their lives daily in North Korea   

Arizona Shutting Down Church for Unpaid Taxes Despite Tax Exemption
6/2/2014 United States (Charisma News) 
La Paz County of Arizona is illegally forcing Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona to pay $68,000 or else face foreclosure. Despite the fact that the Arizona Department of Revenue has stated that the church does not owe the tax, La Paz County continues to enforce the unreasonable payment. Unless they can raise the funds before their deadline, this church, which has been an integral part of the community in helping the homeless, will be forced to close its doors. 

  • Pray La Paz County will retract the fine
  • Pray for justice in this case
  • Pray for God's glory and miraculous provision for the Church of the Isaiah 58 Project 

Lao Christian Man Imprisoned for His Faith
5/31/2014 Laos (HRWLRF)

Over a year after converting to Christianity, Mr. Sort is now imprisoned in the Nong district prison for refusing to give up his Christian faith. Sort has been threatened since May 15 by police authorities and the village's chief to recant his Christian belief or all of his property and possessions would be confiscated. On May 29, Sort was tied to a post and detained by police officers and village security after his persistent refusal to give up his belief in the Christian faith.
  • Pray for our God's anointing love, healing, and comfort upon Mr. Sort and his family
  • Pray for the safe return of Mr. Sort to his loved ones 
  • Pray the village chief and his attackers will see the truth of our God and be saved
How Bad of a Nightmare Are Middle East Christians Living?
5/30/2014 Middle East (Christian Post) 
With the recent media attention of the Pope's visit to the Middle East, many are wondering just how bad the persecution is. In recent findings of the Huffington Post, Pew, Associated Press, and more, the persecution levels are astoundingly high. As the political situation continues to deteriorate, the world may witness the eventual extinction of Middle Eastern Christians if no action is taken.

  • Pray for the safety of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians fleeing their homes
  • Pray God will guide and bless the families experiencing persecution during this difficult time
  • Pray for the protection and preservation of God's holy land 

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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