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Ukrainian Police Accused of Violence and anti-Semitism

A young Jewish man in the Ukrainian city of Lviv has accused officers of beating and torturing him because he is Jewish

By: Daniel Koren
Published: October 15th, 2013


Ukrainian Police Accused of Violence and anti-Semitism

Dmitry Flekman, a Jewish Ukrainian who lives in the western city of Lviv, is accusing two police officers of extreme accounts of anti-Semitism, after, he alleges, "when they discovered I was Jewish they made me sit on the floor and urinated on me," according to

Flekman also says that the police officers assaulted him at a police station and tried to extort $10,000 from him. If he didn't hand over the money, says Flekman, the officers threatened him that they would search his apartment and 'find' cocaine.

Flekman added that, upon discovering he was Jewish, they beat him with a crowbar and urinated on him.

The chief of police in Lviv has since denied Flekman's allegations, though his claims are reportedly currently being investigated. 

The 28-year-old Flekman posted his story on the Ukrainian Jewish website, and posted photos following his release from the hospital to show the extent of the damages inflicted by the anti-Semitic cops.

Ukraine is no stranger, unfortunately, to anti-Semitic attacks; just las month, Ukrainian soccer fans were chanting anti-Semitic slurs at a game, which FIFA later censored.

The Ukrainian political party Svoboda (meaning 'freedom') has also been known to harbour an anti-Semitic agenda, making numerous comments referring to Jews as 'Zhids', which translates roughly to 'dirty Jews.'


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