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AFGHAN MUSLIM invader says he’ll keep trying to get to the UK because it isn’t racist (like France where he’s currently squatting). 

What ‘race’ is Islam?

Afghan illegal alien who tried to cross the Channel on raft with a bed sheet sail, having previously tried to swim across twice, says he’ll keep trying… because Britain’s not racist. (That’s right, they give all the unwanted Muslim invaders welfare benefits, cash, free healthcare, and free housing)


 UK Daily Mail  Even though his attempt to cross the Channel on a flimsy raft ended in disaster, Afghan migrant Asif Hussainkhil is determined to try again. After recovering from hypothermia brought on by his failed bid to reach Britain, he  said,  ‘I will keep trying because it is my destiny to get  to England.’

The 33-year-old tried to cross the Channel on Monday with a raft made of six nailed-together bits of plank, with a bedsheet as a sail. His craft had no rudder to steer it, and was only kept afloat by a piece of polystyrene covered with a tarpaulin. Mr Hussainkhil also had no compass to guide him.

French coastguards said he was being blown wildly off course towards the rougher seas of the Atlantic Ocean when he was picked up. Now, despite the obvious  pitfalls of his plan, Mr Hussainkhil has already started  collecting the materials he needs to build a similar raft.


‘The police have destroyed my boat so I am going to build another one,’ he said. ‘But I would have made it to England on Monday if the coastguards did not pick me up. I am very cross with them. (Too bad they didn’t sink you with the boat)

Since then he has travelled through nine countries, including Iran, Serbia and Switzerland, before moving to France to try and get to Britain. He is now living in a tent in Calais. (Ever think of going to a Muslim country?)

He said: ‘I’ve lived in lots of places but many of the people in those countries were racist towards me. So I wanted to keep moving on. (Well don’t cross the Atlantic, we are very anti-Muslim in America) ‘I’ve heard good things about the treatment of people in  England. (Yes they treat you Muslim illegal aliens much better than they treat their own citizens)

Mr Hussainkhil’s failed boat trip is his third attempt to reach Britain. On the two previous occasions he tried to swim across the 21-mile Channel with a pair of wooden fins attached to his feet.  He was picked up by coastguards after three hours on his first attempt and after one hour on the second try. (How about putting him on a plane back to Afghanistan?)

Illegal alien tents in Calais
Illegal alien tents in Calais

He added: ‘This time I’m going to build a special boat which will go faster than the last one so that I won’t get caught. It’s not dangerous on the sea. I know I can get there. It’s my dream.’ (And it’s every British citizen’s nightmare)

Last month four illegal aliens to Britain were taken to hospital suffering from severe hypothermia after being caught in the sea off Calais. It follows four other illegal aliens dying in a single week in Calais as they risked life and limb for the chance to claim residency in the UK.

Mr Hussainkhil told the Mail he left his home village of  Mussahi, 15 miles south  of Afghan’s capital Kabul, because the Taliban were putting pressure on him to  join them. (That’s what they all say)

Hundreds of illegal alien invaders from outside the EU are living in a camp yards from the perimeter fence of Calais port.



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