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A Moral Duty to Join the Lawful Resistance

On April 26 we published a translation of Michael Mannheimer’s “Call to Collective Resistance”, which earned the author and activist a penal order from the German judicial system. 

Below is Mr. Mannheimer’s follow-up call, which was published last week on his website, as translated by Rembrandt Clancy. The translator also includes an introduction by Michael Stürzenberger.



L'éventualité du débarquement allié à l'Ouest - Audio

(Jean-Hérold Paquis)
Fin d'une chronique militaire de Jean HEROLD-PAQUIS dans laquelle il évoque le ... Rappel de la célèbre ..

Michael Mannheimer’s Second Call for Collective Resistance of the German People against the Planned Abolition of Germany

Introduction by Michael Stürzenberger
Original Source: Politically Incorrect (21 April 2014)

After his first call to resistance on 9 April 2011, which received much attention and brought him a penal order [Strafbefehl] for “incitement to hatred” [Volksverhetzung], Michael Mannheimer today published his second Call. 

He considers that we are in the midst of the third attack of Socialism against the citizens of Europe, and that we are at the same time in the middle of the third attack of Islam against “Fortress Europe”; both attacks being directly connected with each other.

Michael and I are both members of the “2012 Re-establishment of the White Rose [Weißen Rose] of 1942” [Gates of Vienna reported], and I now emphatically join with him in his Call. 

The resistance must immediately become clearly visible on the streets through large demonstrations, through critical contributions to discussions at events which collaborate with Islam, through effective counteractions at rallies of Islam-appeasing parties and organisations, as well as through the distribution of leaflets in the spirit of the White Rose…

The resistance of the German people must therefore in the first instance be directed against the Islamisation of our country and at the same time against those who eagerly aid and abet it. These are chiefly the anti-patriotic, German-hating Left-extremists, who in their 40-year “march through the institutions” have established themselves everywhere in our country: in parties, churches, “social” organisations, the judiciary, police, unions, and above all also in the media.

The problem is that for the Germans at the moment, everything is still going very well. The day before yesterday [19 April 2014,] it was announced that two-thirds of all Germans had no worries about money. As long as the German Michel [ordinary German] can uninhibitedly shop in the shopping malls, the many aberrations in our country will not be apparent to him, and it is these that the mainstream media in its mass indoctrination makes every effort to conceal.

 Next to no one realises the insidious infiltration which is now massively accelerating through the wave of mainly Muslim asylum seekers. At the same time the German people undergo a veritable hammering in the media, telling us that we now have to be good people and must receive this Biblical stream of “refugees” among us. Note: Very many of these are followers of an ideology which is antagonistically disposed toward us. And only about 1.5% of asylum seekers are actually politically persecuted; the rest consist entirely of economic refugees who wish to have a go at our money troughs.

Here is Michael Mannheimer’s second call to resistance. Be active! No longer allow yourself to be stultified. Resist!

The Second Call for Collective Resistance of the German People against the Planned Abolition of Germany

By Michael Mannheimer


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