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Christians In Sri-Lanka Criticize Creation of Religious Police Unit
5/7/2014 Sri-Lanka (AsiaNews)
Announced by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Sri-Lankan government has set up a "religious police unit" in response to the increasing religious intolerance against minorities by Buddhist extremist groups. Representatives of Sri Lanka's Christian clergy told AsiaNews that the government's decision to set up a new police unit to investigate and solve religious disputes is "useless" and "misleading."

  • Pray for the renewing of physical and spiritual strength for our brothers and sisters
  • Pray that that Sri-Lanka will begin to protect its religious minorities  
  • Pray against the attacks of Buddhist extremist groups  

More Than 300 Reported Dead After 12-Hour Boko Haram Raid on Nigerian Border Town
5/7/2014 Nigeria (AP)

Early reports estimate more than 300 innocents dead following the raze and arson of Nigerian border town, Gamboru Ngala, by Boko Haram Militants Tuesday night. The extremists opened fire on a marketplace and the town for 12 hours, setting houses ablaze and shooting those who tried to escape. The attack and casualties were confirmed by Borno state information commissioner Mohammed Bulama.

  • Pray for the safety and speedy return of the kidnapped girls
  • Pray the extremists will end their attacks on Christians and all Nigerian people
  • Pray our merciful God will bring peace to Christians in Nigeria

U.S. Announces Plans to Send Military and Law Enforcement to Nigeria to Assist Finding Abducted School Girls
5/6/2014 Nigeria (USA Today) 
In reaction to 276 abducted schoolgirls still missing in Nigeria, President Obama called these abductions "outrageous" and "heartbreaking.'' Obama also told ABC News, "We've already sent in a team to Nigeria. They've accepted our help through a combination of military, law enforcement and other agencies who are going in, trying to identify where in fact these girls might be and provide them help."

  • Pray for the safe return of the 276 abducted schoolgirls
  • Pray God will place his ministering spirit upon the children and the families 
  • Pray for the protection of the U.S. Military and Law enforcement as they hope to bring a swift end to this tragedy 

Syrian Government Says Maaloula's Christian Sites Sacked By Rebels
5/5/2014 Syria (Al-Monitor)

An official report issued by the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) for the Rif Damascus governorate revealed the destruction inflicted upon the city of Maaloula and Christian sites. Destruction consisted of destroyed altars, removed and burned crosses, searched for treasures under altars and in tombs, and searched among the remains of monks and nuns.

  • Pray our Lord will bring swift justice in this case
  • Pray our brothers and sisters will no longer fall victim to these rebels
  • Pray that God will heal not only the Christians, but also the nation of Syria 

Iranian Christian Prisoner Remains on Hunger Strike
5/2/2014 Iran (Mohabat News)
According to Mohabat News, it has been more than 35 days since this Iranian Christian prisoner started his hunger strike due to protest a court ruling on his case and the cases of his Christian fellow prisoners. Knowledgeable sources reported that after finding out about Mr. Hakkani's hunger strike, prison authorities put him in solitary confinement and banned him from contacting or visiting his family.

  • Pray for the renewing in strength for Mr. Hakkani during this trial 
  • Pray for his quick release, along with his fellow Christian prisoners
  • Pray for Mr. Hakkani's health during his hunger strike 

Wrongfully Imprisoned Chinese Pastor Continues to Receive Unfair Treatment in Court
5/2/2014 China (China Aid)
The trial of detained Pastor Zhang Shaojie in central China's Henan province resumed on Tuesday with new defense lawyers in place. The lawyers requested 10 witnesses be summoned to the hearing but the judge rejected the request. "Compared to last time, they are more resolute and not friendly. My father [would] say something in court, but he was always interrupted." Zhang Linxin, Zhang Shaojie's daughter, said. 
  • Pray for the health, fair treatment and trial of Pastor Zhang Shaojie
  • Pray for his congregation's his release
  • Pray for God's favor and provision over this case 

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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