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India's New Prime Minister Calls on Nepal to Respect Religious Minorities

5/28/2014 India (AsiaNews)

Narendra Modi, the new prime minister of India, won the election with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), an ultra-nationalist Hindu party affiliated to fundamentalist groups such as the Sangh Parivar responsible for violence, persecution, and attacks against ethnic and religious minorities in India. Regardless of this political tie, Modi discussed several points in a private meeting with his counterpart in Kathmunda, including inviting Nepal to respect religious minorities in the country.

  • Pray Nepal and India will respect all ethnicities and religions of their people
  • Pray power will be removed from all persecutors in India 
  • Pray our Lord will touch our brothers and sisters in these countries with His anointing love and fulfilling promises

Professed Christian Arrested, Detained in Sudan on Accusations of Adultery, Apostasy
5/28/2014 Sudan (Morning Star News) 

Faiza Abdalla, 37, has been charged with adultery for marrying a South Sudanese Catholic and apostasy for allegedly leaving Islam. According to sources on the ground, Abdalla was arrested and detained by Sudanese law enforcement on April 2nd when she applied for her national identification card. According to reports, officers were disturbed by her professed Christianity despite her Islamic surname. Accusing her of apostasy, though she was raised a Christian in the Nuba mountains, the officers arrested Abdallah. .

  • Pray our merciful God will protect, comfort and guide our sister and her loved ones in His name
  • Pray God will change the hearts of her accusers
  • Pray for the speedy release of Faiza

Two Christian Women Detained for Distributing Gospel Flyers in Xinjiang, China
5/16/2014 China (ChinaAid)

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the far west part of China has always been strictly controlling house churches. Recently, two Christian ladies were detained because they were distributing Gospel flyers. They were accused of "disclosing state secrets."  Police also confiscated more than 150 Bibles and 500 other books in the church later.

  • Pray for the safety and quick release of the two women detained 
  • Pray these authorities learn to fear the power of our Lord and learn His truth for their salvation
  • Pray our sisters will keep focusing on Christ during these storms for His guidance, strength and deliverance

Uncertain Fate of Six Christian Detainees in Southern Tehran

5/25/2014 Iran (Mohabat News) 

More than a month ago, six Christians were arrested in a home-service during Easter worship, and have not been charged or released. The latest reports by Iranian Human Rights activists indicate families were told that their loved ones are in custody, and after the investigation is complete they will be able to contact them. These families were strongly warned against publicizing this case, or "accepting any interviews by people they don't know."

  • Pray for the speedy release of our six brothers
  • Pray for the safety and protection of our brothers detained for their faith
  • Pray our God will keep delivering and renewing all persecuted Christians in Iran

Soon it May Mean 60 Days in Jail For Leading Religious Meetings in Kazakhstan
5/15/2014 Kazakhstan (Forum 18)

Anyone who leads meetings for religious purposes without state permission could face up to 60 days' imprisonment under Kazakhstan's new Criminal Code now in the Senate. Those who attend but do not lead religious meetings could face up to 45 days' imprisonment, according to Forum 18 News Service. These "offences" are currently punished with fines under the Code of Administrative Offences.

  • Pray these new laws will not pass
  • Pray human rights activists will continue to shed light on Kazakhstan's treatment of religious minorities 
  • Pray Christ will continue His ministering love and promises through His children to bring Kazakhstan to Him


Bailiffs in Uzbekistan Illegally Seize Baptists' Private Property
5/9/2014 Uzbekistan(Forum 18)

Two Baptist families in Uzbekistan were fined in October 2012 for religious activity, but refused to pay them. Over a year later - after the legal time period for a penalty to be imposed had expired - two Uzbeki bailiffs went to the homes of these Baptists, confiscating private property in the absence of those who were initially given the fine. When pressed, one of the bailiffs admitted the seizure had been illegal, but dismissed its importance: "Yes, we were late with the confiscation, but so what?" 

  • Pray justice will be brought against the bailiffs 
  • Pray God will guide and bless the families during this difficult time
  • Pray the families will be strengthened in their faith and continue to worship God despite the confiscation 

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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