lundi 28 avril 2014


Guess what else the EU’s open border policy is bringing in besides illegal African Muslim invaders?


The deadly EBOLA virus.


Top Conservative News  (h/t Don L) The EU is forcing Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and all other member countries to grant temporary residency to those who illegally sneak across there borders, mainly from Muslim majority countries in Africa.

 Italy had a program with Libya that had greatly reduced the number of illegals reaching their shores. The United States government sabotaged that, by bombing Libya and arming Sunni Jihadists to fight the secular government.

Because of EU policy and US meddling, hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans are presently trying to force their way into Europe any way they can.


Now, Europe is fearing the worst. 

 Residents of Pisa fear that illegal immigrants have already brought the Ebola virus to their front door. 

A hospital in Pisa, where a large percentage of the patients are illegal aliens, has been locked down and is under quarantine.

The Italian Health Industry has not said what contagion has prompted the lockdown of the Pisa hospital. Residents of Pisa are noting that the hospital holds patients who are illegal aliens from countries like Guinea with recent cases of Ebola. 

 TRN  The outbreak of Ebola Virus in seven west African countries has broken through all containment efforts and is spreading like wildfire.  According to Christian Relief groups working in Guinea and Liberia, the number of confirmed infections jumped 15% in just the last 24 hours. In addition, 40 illegal alien migrant workers from the outbreak area, who came ashore in Pisa, Italy, are showing signs of Ebola infection and are being isolated in Pisa Italy because of fever and “conjunctivitis” (bloody around the eyes).  According to the World Health Organization, this strain of Ebola is entirely new and although it is close to the Zaire strain, it is different, thus accounting for false-negative test results . . . . . for weeks!



Italian Health Authorities are DENYING reports about infected workers in Pisa, Italy. 

 They claim it is a HOAX; but they are not explaining why an entire hospital in Pisa is now under isolation.

Illegal Muslim immigration from Africa is an incredible health risk. Ebola spreads fast and kills most of the people it infects. It is now mainstream news,  reported by Reuters, that the World Health Organization has decided to begin withholding information about the spread of Ebola. This make the news even more disturbing as Ebola cases in Europe could be concealed from the public.

EU-Innenminister reden über Flüchtlingswelle

Reuters reports that the West African Ebola outbreak caused by new strain of disease: study, and not the Zaire strain imported from Central Africa as previously reported.  

“A senior health ministry official told Reuters on Thursday the government planned to stop publicly releasing the death toll to avoid causing unnecessary panic.”

WHO The Ebola epidemic in Guinea has worsened with each day adding numbers to the disease which has one of the highest morbidity among tropical infectious diseases.  The Ebola epidemic in Guinea has worsened with each day adding numbers to the disease which has one of the highest morbidity among tropical infectious diseases. 

WHO has released its latest Ebola Virus Update and has said that 203 new cases of the deadly disease have been identified in the West African nation.

The disease has already killed 129 people 158 persons have tested positive for the Ebola virus infection. 109 cases have been confirmed in a laboratory. This also included 61 deaths.


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