lundi 3 mars 2014


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Dear Jean-Pierre Schweitzer,

You've heard a lot about blasphemy accusations recently, but allow me to share with you the reality of an accusation: 

A bride and groom should consider their wedding day the happiest of their life. In the case of Amir* and Anna*, a blasphemy accusation turned their special day into a nightmare.

Local Muslims falsely claimed that the family had cut pages of the Quran into confetti to be thrown at the ceremony, thus blaspheming Islam. As a result, 500 Muslim extremists attacked and burned Christian homes in the village. About 60 homes were destroyed.

This is just one of a hundred examples of how blasphemy laws are taken to the extreme. Christians carry the brunt of retribution.


Today, you can help restore the stolen lives of Pakistan's blasphemy victims. Right now, ICC is preparing to help 30 families, Amir and Anna included, who have been wrongfully accused of blasphemy. But we can't do it without you.

Our goal is to raise $90,000 to provide 30 families with:
  • sound legal aid
  • relocation of families if their communities have become hostile and dangerous
  • funds to start a small business, allowing the family to sustain themselves
  • school tuition and
  • food aid.
With Pakistan's Federal Sharia Court advocating for the death penalty for blasphemy against Islam, now more than ever Christian minorities need our help.



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Jeff King,
ICC President 

*Names have been changed for security. 

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