lundi 24 mars 2014


Russia, the Ukraine and the Truth: 

America’s Secret Regime Change

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by, J. Schuyler Montague  
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The far majority of the people in the West are completely oblivious to the truth about the Russia/Ukraine situation. 

 Most people tend to believe anything they hear or see on Tv. Well, if you are framing your thoughts based upon what the media sheep-herders are telling you, I assure you that you are incorrect.

First, there never was an “invasion” of the Ukraine.  The former President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin several weeks ago, requesting that Putin send in the Russian military to secure the Ukraine from the uprising that was taking place.  

This “uprising” is yet another example of the US foreign policy of regime change.  The US State Department, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, George Soros and many others funded this “spontaneous uprising.”  Their goal was to topple President Viktor Yanukovych and replace him with a President of their choosing.  Their ultimate goal is a Ukrainian Islamic Republic.

What the Western puppet-masters did not count on was President Viktor Yanukovych calling on President Putin for military assistance and Putin answering the call.  There are several other factors involved as well, such as a Neo-Nazi Terrorist Organization by the name of ‘Svoboda’ that is being funded by the United States.  

And as always, the “petrol-angle” comes into play.

Do you really think the United States has little or no influence over the formation of these new foreign governments?  What if I told you, it is the United States that actually chooses who becomes the next president and they even select the members of their cabinet?

In this first video below, listen to Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department discuss who will be the new President of the Ukraine and who the cabinet members will be:

In this next video, the Fascist, Neo-Nazis that the United States is employing are threatening to blow-up the oil pipeline from Russia to the EU:

It is very important that we support Russia and President Vladimir Putin.  Just like in Syria, 

Russia is on the right side of history and America is on the wrong side with the terrorists.

  That is one of the many reasons that Crimea welcomed the Russians with open arms and voted overwhelmingly by 97% to rejoin with Russia.


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