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'It's my word against his'
Dear Jean-Pierre Schweitzer,
The following is a true story from a brother in Pakistan. His name has been changed for security:   

'It's my word against his': Sameer's Story

Sameer was blindsided when he was accused of blasphemy. He had no recollection of defaming Islam, but after a long conversation and debate, it was his word against the word of a Muslim, who he thought was his close friend. At first he didn't understand the point of the accusation until he remembered that Christian community that he belonged to was sitting on high-profile soil, and a Muslim-owned steel mill owner had his eye on it.

This accusation sparked a night of violence where more than 3,000 angry protesters looted over 250 homes then set the colony on fire while police just watched.

Sameer is currently in jail for the accusation, and his family is in hiding. 
How You Can Help

Sameer's story is just one of hundreds of examples of the abusive nature of Pakistan's blasphemy laws. And with the Federal Sharia Court advocating the death penality for 'perpetrators,' now more than ever Christians in Pakistan need our support.

Today, you can change the life of a Christian falsely accused of blasphemy, like Sameer. ICC has identified 30 families that need our immediate help. So far, we have raised enough to rescue 9 families, but there are still more.

Thank you so much to those of you who have responded and given nine families a chance to restore their lives. If you haven't yet responded, why not make today count? Join ICC as we bandage and build the persecuted Church.

Thank you for your prayers for our brothers and sisters falsely accused of blasphemy, simply for boldly living their Christian life.  


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Jeff King,
ICC President 

Want to do more? 
ICC has additional ways for you to get involved on behalf of blasphemy victims

Adopt a Family with Your Church

Would your church be interested in adopting a family accused of blasphemy? For $3,000, your church can provide a holistic rescue of a family in Pakistan. If you would like to put this project before your congregation, please call us at 800-422-5441 to pledge to help a family and receive our free resources for your church. 

Sign our petition

Pakistan's Sharia Court is pushing to make the death penalty mandatory for all blasphemy cases against Islam. Today, ICC is calling on the Prime Minister of Pakistan and his government to immediately repeal blasphemy laws. 

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