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Beijing: Church Members Released From Jail, But Thugs Harass Fellowship
3/11/2014 China (ChinaAid)
The church of Holy Love Fellowship has been facing persecution since the beginning of the year, and are now being harassed and stalked. On January 24th, 19 believers were arrested for attempting a bible study, and delivering medicine and food to the home of Zhang Wenhe's. After a month,10 have released along with 2 visiting Christians.Two more may have been released, but it has not been confirmed.

  • Pray for the release and safety of the remaining believers and their families
  • Pray the authorities will provide service and protection for the believers
  • Pray for an increase of revival in China and that the Chinese people would invite Him into their hearts  

Atheists Force California Mother To Remove Memorial Cross For Son
3/10/2014 United States (ChristianPost)

Some residents of Lake Elsinore, California are protesting the removal of a memorial cross that marked where Annmarie Devaney's 19-year-old Christian son died. The American Humanist Association complained to the city saying the cross on public property was unconstitutional and a matter of separation of church and state. "It hurts. It's like reliving the moment again, it's like losing my son again pretty much," Annmarie told ABC News.

  • Pray for the spiritual healing of Annmarie Devaney and family
  • Pray that Annmarie will be able to keep the memorial cross for her son
  • Pray California will rise above religious intolerance 

Egyptian Christian Shot In Libya Near Death 
3/10/2014 Libya (Morning Star News)
After being shot in the head by Islamist extremists in Libya, Egyptian Christian Salama Fawzy Tobia, 23, is barely holding on to life.  "I pray for God's will to be done," Tobia's older brother, Karam Fawzy Tobia, told Morning Star News. "If He wants him to live on Earth, we will be happy. If it is His will to take him to heaven, we will accept this."

  • Pray for Tobia's spiritual and physical healing 
  • Pray for his family's comfort and strength as they also recover with him 
  • Pray for the safety and protection of Christians in Libya and Egypt

16 Christians Murdered By Islamic Gunmen In Nigeria
3/5/2014 Nigeria (MSN)
Armed gunmen believed to be Muslim extremists Fulani herdsmen, attacked Torok, Gwon, Gwarim, Gwareng and Rim villages. Nearly 200 homes have been burned and 16 Christians were killed."They shot sporadically and set my house ablaze, killing all members of my family, and the entire village has been destroyed," Musa Gunduma Dang of Gwon village said.

  • Pray for the surviving families for the rebuilding of not just their homes, but their lives 
  • Pray Nigeria will bring the persecutors to justice 
  • Pray against the violence in Nigeria

North Korea: Dozens Face Execution For Meeting With Missionary
3/5/2014 North Korea (Fox News)
A week after the arrest and forced confession of Kim Jung-wook, a South Korean Baptist missionary, thirty-three North Koreans may be executed for being charged with attempting to 'overthrow the regime' of Kim Jong-un. What horrific crime did they commit? Receiving money to set up 500 underground churches from a South Korean missionary who has since been jailed by Pyongyang.

  • Pray for the release of all who were wrongly charged and jailed including Kim Jung-wook
  • Pray North Korea will rise above intolerance and allow religious freedom
  • Pray for the protection of underground house churches in North Korea
Egypt - Kidnapped Brides -
An Interview With Coptic
Lawyer Said Fayez
3/5/2014 Egypt (ACN Poland) 
Since the 1970's, Islamic cells in Egypt have been fully occupied with kidnapping, forced marriages, extorting, converting and blackmailing Coptic girls of age or under-age. Coptic Lawyer Said Fayez has handled nearly 318 cases of these kidnappings or 'disappearances.' The abuse that takes place in many of these instances, and that often goes unreported, is heartbreaking.
  • Pray for the release and safety of all the girls kidnapped and their families
  • Pray Egypt will enforce more laws to protect all from religious intolerance
  • Pray that the families will continue to be strong in the midst of the kidnappings

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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