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Christian Prisoner, Sevada Aghasar, Released From Evin Prison In Iran
3/5/2014 Iran (Mohabat News)
On August 31, 2013 Iranian-American Christian Sevada Aghasar, Masoud Mirzaei and Ebrahim Firouzi were arrested without a presented warrant by authorities. Aghasar, not officially charged, and Mirzaei have been recently released, but Firouzi has been sentenced one year in prison and two years in exile. Evidence suggests Aghasar's online contacts with many Farsi-speaking Christians was related to his arrest.

  • Pray for the safety of innocent Christians still incarcerated
  • Pray for the healing and recovery, and safe return of these men to their homes and families 
  • Pray for all Iranian Christians during these intolerant times  

Syrian Jihadists Are Forcing Christians To Become Dhimmis Under Seventh-Century Rules
3/4/2014 Syria (ChristianPost)

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq/Syria) has provided Christians in Raqqa another option besides converting or death; dhimmitude. They must regard the seventh-century rules of Caliph Umar as the following: they can not repair or rebuild worship centers, worship can not be heard outside, they cannot display symbols or sounds in public or publicly display faith, they cannot offend a Muslim, and they must pay jizya or protection money, and more.

  • Pray the Jihadists will end their persecution against not just the Christians, but all religions
  • Pray for the peace, comfort and healing of the Christians in Raqqa
  • Pray for all Christians in Syria

Pastor in Sudan Arrested by Government Authorities 
3/2/2014 Sudan (Christian Today)
In Omdurman, Sudanese authorities arrested Rev. Yahya Abdelrahim Nalu in the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) while preaching. His arrest is said to be part of the government plan to take over properties of the church by replacing leaders with a government-appointed committee. Rev. Nalu was released after two days, but told to give up the property or he would 'face justice' in court.

  • Pray for the reverend and his family, they will be delivered from these persecutions and will not 'face justice' in court
  • Pray the reverend's release is not temporary 
  • Pray for all Christians in Sudan

South Korean Missionary Detained By North Korea Makes Forced Confession
2/28/2014 North Korea (UCANews)  
A South Korean Christian missionary, Kim Jeong-wook, was arrested in North Korea in October as a spy. On Thursday at a news conference in Pyong-Yang, Jeong-Wook stated he had been working for South Korean intelligence. A friend and fellow Christian activist, Ju Dong-shik, said the idea that Kim was acting under orders from South Korean intelligence was "ridiculous."

  • Pray for the speedy and safe release of Kim Jeong-Wook
  • Pray for all persecution and incarcerated Christians in North Korea 
  • Pray North Koreans will seek God and bring equality to all whom set foot within their borders

Middle East Special Envoy Bill Stuck In The Senate
2/27/2014 United States (CIC)

A bill to protect Christians in the Middle East has been halted in the U.S. Senate. Two Republican senators have issued a hold on the Near East and South Central Asia Religious Freedom Act of 2013 (S. 653), stopping the legislative process."We're praying for a breakthrough and for our country to stand up for Christians around the world, whatever that looks like," says Tom Doyle, Middle East expert for E3 Partners.

  • Pray the senators will remove the hold and continue the process to protect Christians in the Middle East
  • Pray with Tom Doyle that our country will stand for those whom built it
  • Pray for all Christians in the U.S. and the world
Mexico: 25 Families have Water, Electricity Disconnected after Refusing to Join in Religious Ceremonies
2/27/2014 Mexico (CSW) 
Some twenty-five Protestant families in Southern Mexico have had the water and electricity to their homes cut off and have been placed under virtual house arrest. The families' refusal to participate in the traditional ceremonies of the Catholic Church has drawn the anger from village authorities for refusing to participate and fund the celebrations. A similar situation occurred in the same state in 2010 again targeting Protestant Christians.
  • Pray for the quick release of the twenty-five Protestant families 
  • Pray God's provision for the twenty-five families 
  • Pray that the families will continue to be strong in the midst of threats 
Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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