samedi 15 mars 2014


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Today, you can make a difference. 
All over the world, Christians are harassed, wrongly imprisoned, tortured and even murdered for their faith in Christ. One of the greatest things you can do for a persecuted brother or sister is to raise YOUR voice and say, "I stand with those who have no voice." 
Right now, ICC is sponsoring two petitions for trafficked children in Bangladesh and Christians wrongfully accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. Will you please take five minutes today and sign these petitions, telling lawmakers that this is unacceptable. 
We appreciate your support and care! 

Petition Calling for the 
Increased Protection of Christian Trafficking Victims 
in Bangladesh
In Bangladesh, Christian children are being targeted and trafficked for their faith. These little ones are sold to Islamic madrassas and forced to convert. Raise your voice for the most vulnerable in the kingdom. 

Petition Calling for the
Immediate Repeal of Pakistan's "Blasphemy" Laws
In Pakistan, blasphemy laws are routinely used to intimidate, imprison, and even kill Christians. With the Federal Sharia Court advocating for the death penalty for blasphemy against Islam, now more than ever, Christian minorities need our help. Raise your voice for those with no voice. 

If you would like to further advocate for wrongfully accused blasphemy victims, you can donate today to help rescue families in Pakistan. 

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