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Pakistan Continues to be Among Toughest Countries for Religious Minorities 
2/10/2014 Pakistan (Huffington Post)

The success of St. Peter's Catholic Church, which cost $3.8 million to build -- making it the most expensive building in Pakistan when it opened two years ago -- has been hailed as a sign of progress for Christians and religious minorities in Pakistan. Yet beyond its bold size and growing attendance, guards are outside to protect worshippers from would-be suicide bombers and attackers.  Faced with social violence, extremists groups, discrimination and blasphemy laws, the Christian population of Pakistan, which only makes up around 2% of the country, must struggle to survive.

  • Pray for the safety and protection of Christians wrongfully accused of blasphemy
  • Pray for the safety and divine protection for the guards who protect St. Peter's Church 
  • Pray for courage and boldness for the members of St Peter's Church

Brother of Assassinated Christian Leader Flees Pakistan
2/9/2014 Pakistan (BosNewsLife)
Dr. Paul Bhatti, the elder brother of assassinated Christian government minister Shahbaz Bhatti has fled Pakistan following death treats issued by Islamic militants. In 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti, the then Minister of National Harmony and Minority Affairs, was assassinated after he openly criticized Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws. When he began calling for reform to the country's stance on the issue of blasphemy, Shahbaz Bhatti was assassinated by Islamic extremists. Following his murder, many have feared speaking out against Pakistan's blasphemy laws.  

  • Pray that Paul Bhatti will be able to find a safe place of refuge from his attackers
  • Pray for the courage of believers to continue in speaking out against Pakistan's blasphemy laws 
  • Pray the brutality against religious minorities in Pakistan will come to an end 

Bail Revoked for 36 Men Accused of Destroying Christian Neighborhood in Pakistan
2/8/2014 Pakistan (BosNewsLife) 
A Pakistani court has canceled the bails of 36 men accused of participating in an attack on a Christian neighborhood last March. The attack followed a blasphemy accusation being leveled against a Christian man from that neighborhood. Blasphemy accusations continue to be among the major causes of Christian persecution in Pakistan. 

  • Pray for the healing and restoration of the Christian neighborhood that was attacked 
  • Pray that justice is done in this case
  • Pray for an end to the unjust use of the blasphemy law used as a weapon against Christians in Pakistan

Anti-Christian Violence Continues Unchecked In India 
2/12/2014 India (Morning Star News)

The worst anti-Christian pogrom of the 21st Century has come from Hindu nationalists in India not Islamic extremists, an expert said. Tehmina Arora, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom-India said, "The hostility of the state machinery towards the victims of communal and targeted violence was most evident in the aftermath of the violence in Orissa [state where 500 Christians were killed during 2008 riot]." 

  • Pray the Indian government will rise above intolerance and bring peace to Christians and the Indian people
  • Pray these persecutors will be brought to justice and cease their attacks
  • Pray for all Christians in India

Syria: Christian City Attacked By 'Freedom Fighters'
2/11/2014 Syria(Global Research) 
Levant Report's sources inside Saidnaya, Syria are reporting that the townspeople are warning that Islamist rebels may be preparing a major invasion of their Christian city as mortar attacks have become constant. The inhabitants fear they will have a similar fate of 'religious-cleansing' as near-by Maaloula. The reluctant international press is now acknowledging the potential for a genocidal event against Saidnayans.

  • Pray for the strength, protection and deliverance of those residing in Saidnaya
  • Pray the attacks by these extremists will cease and be without success
  • Pray for all Christians and minorities in Syria
Hundreds Of Eritrean Christians Tortured And Trafficked In East Africa
2/11/2014 Eritrea (TheGuardian)
Hundreds of Eritrean refugees have been enslaved in Sudan and Egypt in the past 10 years. According to testimonies collected by Human Rights Watch (HRW), many endure weeks or months of torture- mutilation, beatings, burnings and rape and extorted by traffickers often in collusion with state security forces. One trafficker told HRW, "I know this money is haram [shameful], but I do it anyway."

  • Pray for the physical and spiritual healing of those trafficked and their families
  • Pray all persecutors will be brought to justice
  • Pray for all Christians in East Africa
Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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