samedi 7 décembre 2013


Another Muslim/Gypsy sex gang

Remember the Muslim/Eastern European rape gang in Bradford? Here’s another one in Peterborough.

Mirga, along with his brother, Dusan Mirga, 20, David Ziga, 19, and Hassan Abdulla, 32, 
deny a long list of sexual abuse charges ranging from rape to child prostitution.

Four minors MH, 14, JK, 17, RB, 17, and JF, 14, are standing trial alongside them.
All of the accused are of Czech, Slovak and Kurdish origin.

The two sisters are from a Czech and Slovak family while the other three victims are English.
A girl with severe learning disabilities was plied with drugs until she ‘felt dead’ while her teenage pimp passed her around for sex at a party, the Old Bailey heard.
The victim, who can only be referred to as A, was one of five under-age girls allegedly abused by  a gang led by Zdeno ‘Skinny’ Mirga, 18, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
She told a court how she was subjected to a string of abuses, including on one occasion being forced to perform sex acts on a dozen boys in a park while Mirga collected £20 a time.


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