lundi 9 décembre 2013


It's a process that has often been used in the Soviet Union: erasing from official photos the personalities who had lost the favour of the regime - 
Trotsky, and many others, whom Stalin and Brezhnev wished to efface from memory. What happened in the USSR is being repeated in the France of the present day: the "great men" (and women) who made France are being progressively erased from the educational curricula, such that young French people no longer know their own history.
...Clovis, for example, whose baptism influenced our history so profoundly has disappeared from the secondary school curricula. "In the offical texts, it is necessary to pass directly from the Roman empire to Charlemagne.
The history of the West thus stops between the Edict of Milan, which authorised Christianity in 313, and the crowning of Charlemagne in 800," notes Vincent Badré, a teacher of history/geography in a Paris banlieue [suburb] who is the author of L'Histoire fabriquée [fabricated history].
[ndlr: Of course this means this Charles Martel and his victory over the invading Mohammedans is left out]

The list of the disappeared is long. Neither Charles Martel, nor Hugues Capet, not Saint Louis [tn: a famous crusader king], nor Joan of Arc, nor Louis XIII are studied by the pupils.
...The Left is imposing an ideological vision of history, which must be corrected to restore teaching.


Chronological history has been replaced by a history based on compassionist themes: human rights, antiracism, the rights of minorities. Through ideological choice, but also lack of time, "we find ourselves grappling with an amputated history, Manichean, where nothing is placed in its context," underlines Dimitri Casali in Valeurs Actuelles on 13 September 2012
- citing the "disastrous Taubira law" on the recognition of slavery as a crime against humanity. Adopted on 10 May 2001, this law, presented by someone who was then only an MP for Guyana [tn: currently French Justice Minister], presumes to dictate to historians an official truth and teach it to children by granting a "significant place" in the educational curricula - a history that is often questionable because this text denounces the Transatlantic Slave Trade practised by western nations, but ignores the inter-African trade and that practised in the Islamic world, which lasted for centuries!
Since then, these memorial laws have continually multiplied, creating a blame-inducing history for which French people must continually repent.


At the same time, place is given for the study of other civilisations: the empire of Ghana, the African kingdom of Monomotapa, the India of Gupta and Islam, to which the West is said to owe its development. Before the curricula changed in 2010, the fifth year secondary school textbooks said that Muslim scientists had played "a considerable role in the intellectual awakening of Europe" (we know however that the texts of Aristotle were not translated only by Arab-Muslim authors but reached the West through Syriac Christians). In the sixth year, these textbooks declare that Islam progressed thanks to its tolerance, the conquerors not imposing their beliefs by force. Whoever dares to point out that they also used weapons, as Lorant Deutsch did in his book Hexagone, is immediately accused of "flirting with the themes of the far right".
Source: Valeurs Actuelles

This is from the print edition of Valeurs Actuelles. I don't see it on their website yet. Sometimes some of the print content appears on the website later. Incidentally, Valeurs Actuelles, which dares to critique the multiculturalist, immigrationist lunacy we are living through more boldly than any other mass-circulation publication I am aware of, is about the only periodical in France that is seeing an increase in sales.


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