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Who Knew Notes Could Kill?
10/30/2013 Pakistan (International Christian Concern)

Adnan Masih, a Christian in Pakistan, was covering a work shift for his brother when he found an anti-Christian book, one supposedly banned in Pakistan, owned by one of his co-workers. He argued against the book's biased points with Bible verses in the margins, leading the owner of the book, Abid Mehmood, to push for Masih to be arrested for blasphemy. 

  • Pray for the protection and safety of Adnan as he is detained 
  • Pray against Pakistan's blasphemy laws used to target Christians

Church in India Attacked, Radical Assailants Arrested by Authorities
10/29/2013 India (ICAN)

The Christian Faith Centre, a church in the Kalwa region of India, has recently faced multiple attacks from the Bajrang Dal group. Two pastors were beaten and dragged to the police station and accused of illegal conversions, though thankfully the police had been informed it was a persecution plot. Five members of the Bajrang Del were arrested and police will now monitor church services.
  • Pray for the recovery and healing of the pastors attacked
  • Pray the group of informers, the CSF, will continue to be strong and effective against Christian persecution
  • Pray that police presence will deter any more attacks on the faith   

Dozens Feared Dead As Boko Haram Attacks State Capital in Coordinated Terror Campaign  

The terrorist group Boko Haram launched multiple attacks throughout Northern Nigeria. There were so many attacks that authorities are unsure how many were killed, but Christians, soldiers, civilians, and members of the terrorist group all suffered loses. The government now has a curfew in place in effort to keep this violence from breaking out again.
  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones
  • Pray for the healing and recovery of those injured in the attacks
  • Pray that the curfew will deter more violent attacks on civilians 

The Church Under Fire in Egypt

On Sunday October 20, two terrorists armed with automatic weapons fired on wedding guests standing outside the Church of Saint Mary and St. Michael, killing five people, including the groom's mother. This is just one more example in a long history of violence toward Christians in Egypt. The lack of police presence at the church is suspected to be the reason why this one was chosen, but what the nation really needs is a change in attitude, not more security.

  • Pray for the comfort of the families of the five victims that were killed
  • Pray for the comfort and healing of the couple whose wedding was devestatingly interrupted
  • Pray Egypt will soon have leaders who will not tolerate such violence
Anti-Christian Terror Continues to Grow in Middle East and South Asia 
10/27/2013 Middle East, South Asia (Washington Post)
This article points out the eerie similarities of Christian persecution today and Kristallnacht, the famous night in history that essentially began the Holocaust. It mentions the increase in persecution and decline in population of Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It calls for support of legislation in America that would appoint a Special Envoy to promote religious freedom for minorities in these areas. 

  • Pray the legislation to promote religious freedom for minorities would be passed
  • Pray that these nations will never see another "Kristallnacht" tragedy
  • Pray for those fleeing their homes in these nations due to persecution

Christian Leaders Plea for Military Help to Disarm Muslim Insurgency, Prevent Genocide
10/27/2013 Central African Republic (The Toronto Star)

The Central African Republic claims an 85% Christian population, yet having a majority is not enough to prevent persecution. Members of the rebel group Seleka, the radical group who threw out the president of the country in March, have been particularly violent toward Christians. A group met in the capital Bangui to sign a document asking for help from the international community. 

  • Pray this document will be widely influential and the international community will come to their aid 
  • Pray for those who have lost homes and loved ones to the Seleka group
  • Pray the Central African Republic will soon have a more stable government

FEATURED VIDEO: ICC sits down with two Syrian Christians to hear firsthand about the impact of two years of fighting on Syria's Christian community in the first segment of a two part interview.
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