jeudi 5 septembre 2013


Poland 1944-45

Today is the seventy-fourth anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the outbreak of the Second World War. 

In remembrance of the occasion, Takuan Seiyo sends a couple of video clips. The first one combines German, Polish, and Soviet material to produce a dramatic overview of the 1944 Warsaw uprising.

WARNING: This footage, although not graphic by today’s standards, contains images of corpses and scenes of urban warfare:
The second is a short clip of a Polish kid in Buchenwald whose smile will linger in memory:
Takuan adds:

Is there any wonder the Germans are driven to national suicide by manipulative leaders who, deep down, are terrified that the beast may raise its head again?
So far, understandable. What’s not is that they seem to think that the beast of Islam is preferable to even the prospect of a German beast rising again.
And also, that the long-ruling socialist (they all are, just different labels) oligarchy — all very smart, educated people — seems unaware of the simplest laws of thermodynamics, homeostatics etc., so that by pushing so hard in the multiculti direction they are actually encouraging the rebirth of German Nazism.


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