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Posted: 21 Sep 2013

In Spain there is the Festival of the ” Moros y Cristianos / Moors ( Muslims) and Christians ” and it commemorates the Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Spaniards.It is celebrated in different towns in eastern Spain. Their origin is from the Middle Ages.
The festival consists of the following events :

1.The Entry (Entrada)
2.The Ambassadors( Embajadas )
3.And the Procession ( Procesión ) .

What happens at the festival “Moros y Cristianos”

1.The participants are divided into two bands, the Moors and the Christians , each dressed in the fashion of the Middle Ages. Each band consists of different groups.There is variety and richness of the costumes, and there is also the participation mounted animals: horses, camels, and even elephants .

2.Each band takes symbolic possession of the city for a day.There is the Christian Entry and the Moorish Entry and the festival is celebrated each year in about 140 cities and towns in eastern Spain. .

3.The festival ends with the conquest of the city by the Christians. This happens in a final battle where the Christians conquer the the castle of the city, and if there is none,they use an artificial castle.

4.Music is one of the highlights of the festival , especially the famous Spanish pasodoble “Paquito el Chocolatero” by Gustavo Pascual Falco , practically the national anthem of the festival. .
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The Portuguese version

1.This is the “Cavalhada” and the ceremony is essentially the same but with more emphasis given to the horse (cavalho ,in Portuguese) than in the Spanish version.The Cavalhada is a recreation of medieval tournaments and of battles between Christians and Muslims.

2.The main characters are the knights, dressed in blue ( for the Christians ) or red ( for the Moors ) and armed with spears and swords.The Cavalhada is a traditional celebration that originated in medieval tournaments, where aristocrats displayed their skill and bravery, and often alluded to the themes of the period of the Reconquista, the Christian reconquest .

3.The characters are the king,the general, the princes and princesses, ambassadors and servants, all dressed in rich costumes.

4.There are even  Cavalhadas in several small towns in Brazil. They have existed there since the seventeenth century.

The version that exists in the Philippines
The 7,000 islands of the Philippines were colonies of Spain for 400 years.There one has a play called “Moro-moro/Moor-moor” which became popular in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period . It depicts the battle between Christians and Moors and they always lose to the Christians.

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