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Hundreds of Christians Attacked by Police in Vietnam
9/5/2013 Vietnam (AsiaNews)

In what may be the largest incident of its kind in recent years thousands of police in Vietnam's North-Central Nghe An Province brutally attacked Catholic protesters seeking the release of two arrested parishioners. One report cited more than 3,000 police and military involved in the crackdown, which took place on Wednesday. 
  • Pray for the healing and safety of the protestors attacked
  • Pray that the police would repent and stop the violence against Christians
Coptic Christians Killed for 
Ransom in Egypt
9/4/2013 Egypt (Christian Post)
The violence against Christians in Egypt continues to make headlines.  Numerous stories of kidnapping for ransom have emerged. These cases have targeted men, women, and children. While the kidnappers often demand a ransom in exchange for the safe return of the victim, many times they are killed anyway, leaving the family broken.

  • Pray for the safe return of hostages
  • Pray for peace and comfort for families of the kidnapped 
  • Pray that there will be no more violence against Christians in Egypt

Five Christians Executed by Islamic Militants in Nigeria
9/4/2013 Nigeria (The Washington Times) 

On the roadside near Nigeria's central city of Jos, five Christians were forced off of a minibus and executed after declaring their faith to their captors. Witnesses suspect the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram to be behind the ambush, but confirmation by the group has yet to be declared.
  • Pray for peace and comfort for the families of the five Christians who were executed
  • Pray against the violence caused by Boko Haram

Thirty Christians Arrested in Government Raid on Church in Eritrea
9/4/2013 Eritrea (Mission Network News)

Eritrea, considered one of the worst persecutors of Christians on the planet, has reportedly arrested and detained 30 Christians who had gathered for evening prayer at the Church of the Living God in the capital Asmara. These Christians are now being detained at a police station and are being asked to recant their faith or else face imprisonment. 
  • Pray for courage and strength for the Christians as they face this persecution
  • Pray for peace and comfort the families of the Christian prisoners 
  • Pray that the Eritrean government would repent and stop persecuting Christians

Inviting to Religious Worship a New Offence in Kazakhstan
9/3/2013 Kazakhstan (Forum 18) 

The government of Kazakhstan has now fined individuals simply for inviting people to a scheduled and registered religious event. A Jehovah's Witness man was fined for "illegal missionary activity" as a result of sending a text message to friends inviting them to the meeting. This kind of government intervention is in complete violation of any understanding of religious freedom and violates both the constitutional and the international agreements of Kazakhstan.

  • Pray these violations of religious freedom against Christians will stop
  • Pray for religious freedom to be recognized and practiced
  • Pray for revival in Kazakhstan

North Korea rescinds invitation to U.S. envoy over American prisoner
8/30/2013 North Korea (WWM)

U.S. Special Envoy Robert King was supposed to be in North Korea negotiating the release of Kenneth Bae, an American citizen and missionary arrested back in November 2012.  North Korea rescinded its invitation to the U.S. Special Envoy for reasons that are still unclear, no doubt crushing the hopes of Kenneth's family who have been appealing for the U.S. government to intervene on Kenneth's behalf for months. 

  • Pray for the quick release of missionary Kenneth Bae
  • Pray that North Korea will be open to other attempts to negotiate the release of Kenneth Bae
  • Pray for Kenneth's health and safety while detained in prison

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