mardi 20 août 2013


Muslims pray in the streets in Astoria, Queens aka ‘Little Egypt’

Yet another Muslim enclave in the U.S., and in decades to come it will be a no go zone – as it is during Friday prayers already.

NEW YORK — The Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York, is home to thousands of Egyptian Americans and other groups.
Friday is the holiest day in the Muslim week, and many residents of the Little Egypt neighborhood of Astoria Queens took the day off to try to relax from the work week.
For some, that meant more time at a crowded local mosque, where they listened to sermons.

Read it all via Homeland Conflict Riles NYC’s ‘Little Egypt’ from Afar.
We added a new section to the blogroll titled Muslim Enclaves in America. If you know of others let us know.


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