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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
July 5, 2013
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Children are often the most vulnerable to blatant persecution, and often forgotten. The stories we hear of Christian persecution of children are horrific: children are abducted, abused, sold into slavery, or forced to marry (a common religious conversion tactic).
Right now, ICC works across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate children in situations just these. We also work in preventative measures by removing children from vulnerable environments. Our safe homes expand across the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, providing for the full-time care of 300 children to date. 
Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, Christian home, education, and opportunities they would normally be denied because of their religious identity. With your help, we will be able to greatly expand this program. For just $45/month, you can sponsor one child and play a pivotal role in this important work.

New Report: 45 Instances of Christian Persecution in Sri Lanka Between January and May

7/01/13 Sri Lanka (Open Doors)
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The reports about Sri Lanka are from the southern and eastern parts of the country where Christians are being persecuted. Unidentified people attacked St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic church trying to set the church on fire. The attackers were found and released by the Arch Bishop of the Church. Christians are being falsely accused of crimes they are not committing. A Methodist church was raided by perpetrators armed with knives, swords, and clubs. Some were injured and the building was damaged. The total attacks in the year of 2012 was 52, already in 2013 there have been 45 attacks with no signs of stopping.
Pray for the Christians to continue worshipping God despite any circumstance
Pray for the attackers, that they would cease attacks and come to know Christ
Massive Crowds of Egyptians Take to Streets in Protests Calling for Morsi to Step Down
7/1/2013 Egypt (ICC)

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In Egypt, up to 17 million Egyptians of all different backgrounds and religions have gathered in the streets to protest their current Islamist President, Mohammed Morsi. He has a hidden agenda when it comes to leadership style, economy, and religious affairs. The Egyptians refused to move until July 2nd at 5:00pm. If Morsi is still in office at this time a civil disobedience will be declared. The country is struggling in many ways and until a new president is in place the protest will continue.
Pray for the Egyptians to stand strong together
Pray that under the new leadership Christians will not face as much persecution
As Nigerian State Debates Offers of Amnesty, Boko Haram Kills, Steals, and Destroys

 7/02/13 Nigeria (VOA)
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The Nigerian government is doing all they can to stop Boko Haram and their continuous attacks on Christians. They have concocted two plans to in efforts to stop Boko Haram. The first is to use the military to crush them, the second is to understand why they are doing what they are doing and create a peace deal with them. Since 2009 Boko Haram has killed 3,600 people and they continue to do so. Authorities have been searching for the leaders of this terrorist group but so far have had not been able to find them.

Pray for authorities to find Boko Haram

Pray for the protection of the people in Nigeria
Pray for the government to stay strong and not give up on their search
Christian in Belarus Faces Possible Prison Sentence for Praying with the Homeless

7/02/13 Belarus (Forum 18)
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A Catholic laymen, Shchedrov, in Belarus made his home into a shelter for homeless people. He provided them with a place to eat, a place to sleep, and a place to bathe but he also provided them a room to pray in. He says “I am a Christian and I started to help those who are in need”. The authorities claim that he is starting an “unregistered religious organization”. They have begun an investigation and have raided this homeless shelter in February and April. Shchedrov says that though he does not know what is going to happen he will continue to trust God.
Pray for Shchedrov to remain strong in his faith
Pray for this shelter that he has created, that it will not close but remain open to reach the homeless 
Syrian Christian Girl falls Victim to Horrendous Crimes

7/02/2013  Syria (Fides)
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A 15 year old Christian girl from Qusair, Syria was married, raped, and divorced 15 times in 15 consecutive days. This attack was the result of Syrian rebels going after religious minorities in the city which Miriam lived. Miriam’s family escaped but she was taken captive and forced into an Islamic marriage. Capturing and raping a Christian woman could even be considered an Islamic law. Due to mental instability after continuous rapes Miriam was killed. 

Pray for Miram's family
Pray for the safety of Syrian Christians
Pray for the Syrian Rebels, to come to the saving faith of Jesus Christ
A Road Map to Democracy for Egypt?
 7/04/13 Egypt (ICC)
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After the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood colleagues, the Egyptian people have declared a victory.  The story is not over, as it will take time to reestablish open and true democracy.  Both Christian and Muslim leaders have voiced support for how the situation is progressing, and it may go down in history as positive coup.  It will take time for a new president to be elected, and Egypt has a long way to go, but the people are optimistic.
Pray for a smooth and peaceful transition in Egypt
Pray that the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters find Jesus
Pray that Egypt continues on a road to open democracy and freedom of religion
Providing assistance, advocacy and awareness to persecuted Christians with integrity towards God and our donors. 
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