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GERMANY: University submits to demands of offended Muslim in latest cartoon controversy

64217-viAt the University of Duisburg-Essen, because a cartoon exhibition showed sex scenes with the word ‘Allah’ in calligraphic characters next to them, a Muslim student felt her honor had been disrespected.

After her complaints to the staff were ignored, she destroyed the poster by cutting out the parts that offended her ‘wittle muswim fweewings.’


She complained to the staff who ignored her, so she took the poster and cut out the parts that offended her muslim sensibilities. As a result, the university cancelled the exhibition.

The art exhibition in the foyer of the library was related to an English Studies program that included study of the literary genre – “graphic novel” which often include artistic cartoons that focus on social problems (with Islam currently one of the biggest social problems on earth) The students had designed ccartoon ollages. They also included pictures from the popular comic “Habibi” by U.S. artist Craig Thompson, available everywhere. 


Interestingly, politically correct Thompson is very pro-Islam and speaks favorably about Muslims as most left wing artists do.

The incident has provoked a debate at the university about how to deal with the religious paranoia of Muslim students. More than one in three students from the University of Duisburg-Essen comes from a family with an (Muslim) immigrant background.

Although the university showed typical dhimmi submissiveness to Muslim demands, the student in question is to be charged with property damage and some of the local politicians are talking about staging a special exhibits of the controversial works to show that artistic freedom cannot be compromised.


Source: Via: PI (h/t Islam vs Europe)

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