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Eight Iranian Christians Sentenced to Prison
Eight Christians from the Church of Iran were given prison sentences for "political charges" that could last anywhere from one to six years. They were found guilty of "action against national security" and "propaganda against the order of the system". They were arrested on October 12, 2012 during a prayer meeting. They were released due to paying bail up to $25,000. The Iranian government continues to detain Christians based on false and exaggerated accusations such as these. 
  • Pray for the Iranian Christians to stand strong in their faith
  • Pray for the Iranian government to allow religious freedom

Christianity in Sudan Faces Escalating Persecution
7/20/2013 Sudan (Action Institute) 

The country of Sudan continues to inch toward Islamic law. The population is approximately 97% Islamic, meaning Christians are heavily marginalized. Churches and Christian charities continue to be destroyed in the capitol of Khartoum. Between increasingly Islamic law and anti-Christian statements from radical clerics, the situation is becoming increasingly hostile and grave.  The government is attempting to rid the country of churches and Christian influence.

  • Pray that Sudanese Christians would be strengthened in their ministry
  • Pray for the Sudanese government to stop persecuting Christians
  • Pray for the hearts of people in Sudan to be softened to the Gospel

India Missions School Girls Recover from Brutal 
Gang Rape
7/23/2013 India (BosNewsLife)

In an evangelical school for missionary kids in eastern India, there are four young girls between the ages of 12 and 14 recovering from a gang rape that happened on July 15. The girls were abducted from their school by 25 men wearing masks and armed with knives. They were raped for hours and rushed to a hospital after the gang-rape. The doctors examined the young girls and said that their condition was "serious, but stable".  Police are currently searching for the culprits to be detained and will rest at nothing until they are found.

  • Pray for the quick recovery of the young girls who were raped
  • Pray that the 25 men will be caught and arrested

President of Indonesia Criticizes Radical Islamists for First Time
7/23/2013 Indonesia (Asia News)

Muslim extremism continues to be a blemish on Indonesia.  Recently, a crowd of frustrated citizens attempted to attack extremists for their constant troublemaking.  The police intervened, but tensions are strong between citizens and Muslim extremists.  President Yudhoyono condemned the terrorism of extremists following the events. This is his first condemnation in his 9 years in office, and his skeptics see this as political pandering. Indonesian Christians continues to suffer attacks and have their churches closed. 

  • Pray for President Yudhoyono to protect religious minorities
  • Pray that Indonesian believers would stand boldly for their faithduring these times of suffering
  • Pray that God would touch the heart of Islamic extremists

Catholic Nurse in Pakistan Faces Persecution after Rejecting Marriage Proposal from Muslim Man
6/24/2013 Pakistan (Asia News)
A women in Pakistan is under duress after refusing to marry an influential Muslim businessman and known rapist. Nazia Masih was already engaged to a Christian man, but that did not deter her new suitor.  This businessman has used his influence to have her family arrested, and has stopped any investigation into complaints against him. He continues to issue threats and complaints against her family, even claiming they are already married.
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  • Pray for safety for the woman and her family
  • Pray salvation for the man, Ghulam Muhammad

Christian Pastor Wrongly Imprisoned in Kazakhstan Goes on Hunger Strike
7/25/2013 Kazakhstan (Radiofree Europe)

Pastor Kashkumbaev continues to be imprisoned in Kazakhstan. Following a phony arrest for serving the "hallucinogenic" known as red tea, he has been mistreated by the authorities.  He is now on a hunger strike in protest of his treatment.  Authorities are sending him to submit to psychological testing, to see if he is sane enough to stand trial for such a "serious crime."

  • Pray that Kazakhstan would release Pastor Kashkumbaev
  • Pray for the Pastor's health and that God would strengthen him 
  • Pray that he can be a witness to others while in prison
Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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