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Scientists Upset at Hire of Christian Professors in Indiana
7/14/2013 USA (The Blaze)

Professor Eric Hedin was hired at Ball State University and afterwards was accused of"indoctrinating" the students with his religious beliefs due to his teaching of Creationism by the Freedom from Religion Foundation.  The evolutionary scientists at the university are angry and have also been speaking out against Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez who believes in intelligent design. Jerry Cone, an evolutionary biologist, said, "If the university wants to retain any scientific credibility, they should start hiring scientists who will teach real science and not religious apologetics."

  • Pray that this issue will invite dialogue on the practice of religious freedom in the work place
  • Pray for Christian professors and scientists in universities who are being persecuted for their faith

Christian Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment For Blashpemous Text Messages 
in Pakistan 
7/13/2013 Pakistan (Christian Post)
In the Punjab province of Pakistan, a Christian man named Sajjad Masih has been sentenced to life in prison for sending blasphemous text messages to Muslim clerics from his ex-fiance's phone. Sajjad sent the text messages in order to seek vengeance.  The police did not initially charge Masih but after being pressured by the Muslim clerics, the police added charges and tried to arrest his ex-fiance but could not track her. 
  • Pray that, despite Sajjad's vengeful motivations, that this issue will shed international attention on the injustice of blasphemy laws
  • Pray for Muslims in Pakistan to come to know Jesus

Christians Continue to Suffer Under North Korean Regime
7/15/2013 North Korea (CSW) 

North Korea is known as one of the worst persecutors of the Christian faith, and arguably the world's worst violators of human rights.  There is an estimated 200,000 people in prison camps within North Korea, 70,000 of them estimated to be Christians. Anyone found practicing religions outside of the state-controlled church can face detention in the prison camps, torture, and even death. 
  • Pray for the Christians in North Korea's prison camps
  • Pray for repentance of the North Korean regime 
  • Pray for revival in North Korea

Syria-Lebanon And Christian Genocide
7/16/2013 Lebanon (FrontPageMag)

Lebanon and Syria have crossed paths between wars since French colonial rule. The Sunni Muslims in Lebanon support the Sunni uprising in Syria, thus, the Christians in Syria have been divided between political parties. The issues within Syria are affecting religious communities in Lebanon by causing tension to arise. President of the International Christian Union (ICU), Joseph Hakim, believes that the jihadi forces and Hezbollah have used the Syrian conflict to ethnically cleanse the Christian community. He states that the Syrian Christian minority is being "forced out of their native cities, towns and villages."

  • Pray for the repentance of those who are attempting to ethnically cleanse Christians
  • Pray the persecuted Church in Lebanon and Syria will fearlessly make known the Gospel during these times of suffering

The civil war in Syria has brought about the deaths of over 100,000 people; 5,000 of them being children under 16.  Islamic militant groups have attempted to carry out and establish Islamic law and have attacked the Christian population in Syria as well as church buildings. The United Nations office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict verifies that children have been killed in the violence carried out from the Syrian civil war. Sadly, sometimes children are used as porters or combatants. 
Syria Conflict Kills Over 5,000 Children; "Pray For Syria," Says Young Girl Survivor
6/17/2013 Pakistan (Christian Post)

Full story
  • Pray for the children being used for the war, that they will be rescued and that justice will be carried out for those responsible 
  • Pray for Syrian hearts to be open to the Gospel 

Christian Association of Nigeria Reports Abduction of Christian Girls in Northern Nigeria
7/18/2013 Egyp(Leadership)
The Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) has reported that five girls have been kidnapped in the northern part of Nigeria.  Professor Daniel Babayi, the Secretary of the Northern CAN said, "We have three cases from Kaduna State where three Christian little girls have been abducted and made to renounce their faith." He reports that the police act helpless when these instances are reported and in some cases the police are said to be part of this injustice. The Muslim extremist group Boko Haram continues to target the Christian community and attempts to drive them out of Nigeria.  Part of their tactic is to attempt to force vulnerable, under-aged Christian girls to renounce their faith. 

  • Pray that those who abduct young Christian girls will be convicted and not resist the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for the perpetrators to be brought to justice
  • Pray for the safety of young girls still in bondage; pray that they are comforted by the Holy Spirit

Thank you for caring for the persecuted.
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