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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
June 21, 2013
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Children are often the most vulnerable to blatant persecution, and often forgotten. The stories we hear of Christian persecution of children are horrific: children are abducted, abused, sold into slavery, or forced to marry (a common religious conversion tactic).
Right now, ICC works across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate children in situations just these. We also work in preventative measures by removing children from vulnerable environments. Our safe homes expand across the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, providing for the full-time care of 300 children to date. 
Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, Christian home, education, and opportunities they would normally be denied because of their religious identity. With your help, we will be able to greatly expand this program. For just $45/month, you can sponsor one child and play a pivotal role in this important work.

Full Report: Gender Based Violence as an Expression of Christian Persecution in Muslim Lands
6/13/2013 Muslim World (World Watch Monitor)

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Christian females are greatly persecuted and threatened under Islam in many countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Maldives, Algeria, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Libya, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the Palestinian Territories etc. Persecution of Christians in the form of sexual abuse is prevalent. The exact number of victimized Christian females is not known, and sadly, many remain silent about the issue.   Though the exact statistics are not known, it is clear that Christian women and children experience much suffering and abuse as a "strategically weaponized" form of action carried out by Muslim extremists. 
Pray for the victimized women and children, that they would be defended and that their perpetrators would be brought to justice
Pray for the healing of those who are sexually abused under the Iron Fist of Islam     
Pray that the perpetrators will be convicted of their crimes, and come to repentance 
Christians Forced to Flee Homes in the Philippines 

6/13/2013  Philippines (Canada Free Press)
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On June 1st at about 9am, around 160 Christians were attacked by about 300 armed Muslim men and forced to leave their village due to the violence. The Muslim militants on Mindanao have been attacking the Christians for years, clashing with the Philippine government. The Christians who have been attacked have been displaced and are in need of bed sheets, food, mosquito nets and more. These persecuted believers refrain from returning to their homes due to the risk of being attacked further by the Muslim extremists who could kill them and burn their homes to the ground.

Pray that the believers who have been displaced will have their needs met, spiritually, emotionally, and physically

Pray the militant Muslims will come to know Christ as Lord
Pray that the believers will have the overwhelming peace of God, and sense His presence with them in their sufferings
Smuggled Letter Reveals Christians Remain Imprisoned in Northeastern China Labor Camp

6/14/13 China (Assist News)
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In Northeastern China, a brave prisoner in the Masanjia Labor Camp smuggled out a letter describing the brutal conditions of the camp and sought help from the outside. The writer of this letter wrote that about half of the people imprisoned in the camp are Christians from underground Churches, or members of the Falun Gong movement. The prisoners undergo great suffering, such as being dragged around by the hair, shocked with electric batons, or having ones limbs tied to beds and then having the beds kicked farther and farther apart. Police reportedly will "find reasons to arrest people because the labor camp will pay them for prisoners."
Pray for the endurance and comfort of the prisoners, that they will be steadfast and receive God's comfort
Pray that this injustice will stop, and that those carrying out these horrendous acts will be brought to justice
Pray that the Gospel will spread throughout the camp to the guards, and to the prisoners who don't know Christ
Christian Converts in Iran Sentenced to Over Three Years of Prison For Spreading Christianity
6/18/13 Iran (Assist News)
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Minimal news coverage has been given on the conviction of four Christian men who have been sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for their Christian activity. Iran has had much attention given in the news lately concerning the presidential election, so the persecution of these four men has been given little attention.  These men were sentenced to prison for spreading Christianity, propaganda against the Iranian regime, disrupting national security, and contact with foreign ministries. 
Pray for these four men and their families, that they would have a strong spirit of unity and perseverance throughout their time of suffering
Pray that these men and their families will have access to the Bible in prison, and in the community, and that those who persecute them will be saved
Pray for the encouragement of these believers, and that they will experience the presence of the Lord each day
Following-up the Arson of 4 Churches Last Week, Boko Haram Slays 9 Civilians
 6/19/13 Nigeria (Business Standard) 
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Nine people were killed in violent attacks carried out by the Muslim Extremist group, Boko Haram, in Northern Nigeria. Boko Haram members attacked a government school, and a military checkpoint. Eleven corpses were left and brought to the hospital, seven of the corpses being students. Six others were injured from the attacks and are being treated. Goni Abubakar, one of the surviving students, said that the attackers came into the school in the evening and began shooting, causing the students to try to escape by jumping the school fence. 
Pray that the members of Boko Haram will come to repentance and to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
Pray for the comfort of the families who have lost loved ones in these violent attacks, and for the emotional and physical healing of the individuals who were injured
Pray that the Church would persevere and stand firm through these difficult times of suffering
Africa’s North Korea and the Most Repressive Nation on Earth, this is Eritrea

6/20/2013 Eritrea (Worthy News)

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Isaias Afewerki has been given a title of an "unhinged dictator" in a diplomatic cable in 2009. Eritrea is known as one of the most "repressive" nations on earth due to the extreme human rights violations frequently carried out, especially in Eritrea's prisons. As many as 3,000 Christians are believed to be held in these prisons without trial or charge. Many prisoners are locked up in shipping containers in extremely hot conditions in the desert, and are sometimes even left there for days, with hands and feet bound, in the helicopter position. 
Pray for the prisoners in Eritrea to be set free from injustice, and harsh treatment
Pray for miracles and the comfort of the Holy Spirit among the believers
Pray for the gospel to speak throughout Eritrea, and that the Church would be strengthened by her sufferings
Providing assistance, advocacy and awareness to persecuted Christians with integrity towards God and our donors. 
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