dimanche 9 juin 2013


Erick Stakelbeck

CBN News Terrorism Analyst

Report: Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in Boston

U.S. authorities are still piecing together how the two brothers behind April's Boston Marathon bombing -- Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -- became Islamic terrorists.

Tamerlan had traveled to al Qaeda hotbeds in southern Russia, where authorities believe he may have met with known jihadists.

But closer to home, he and his brother attended a Boston-area mosque with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As I found during a recent trip to Boston, the Brotherhood had laid down major roots in the city, particularly through area mosques.

Locals fear that the Brotherhood is putting young Boston-area Muslims on the path to radicalization.

Click on the viewer below to watch my new report (transcript here).


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