vendredi 28 juin 2013


This Ramadan, your generous donation can help a Muslim convert in prison learn how to become a full-fledged jihadi by the time he is released

ramadan-prisonersThe Prison Project is an ongoing initiative at CAIR-Chicago that aims to give incarcerated Muslims the supplies they need to worship. Oftentimes, prisoners, especially Muslim converts, learn more about Islam while imprisoned but lack the tools to continue their journey to jihad.

CAIR-Chicago  As Muslims all over the world fast this Ramadan, it is important to remember not all Muslims enjoy the same freedoms. Prison is geared to be a time to reflect and reform. Ramadan is an even greater opportunity for Muslim prisoners to strengthen their path to Islamic supremacism.



CAIR-Chicago wants to help those in prisons by giving them the tools they need to stay close to Allah (PBUH), even when Ramadan is over.

Please join us in bringing the freedom to worship to our Muslim brothers in need: donate your time and religious materials today! This includes providing prisoners with the tools to assist them to practice their faith and study jihad. From providing prayer mats to Islamic literature, these simple resources will help our brothers and sisters with their rehabilitation during this holy month of forgiveness and multiple rewards.


Simple items such as prayer beads or a Muslim Aid Ramadan pocket guide can have such a huge impact on their lives, helping them to display less aggression and develop self-discipline with prayer and recitation of the Qur’an.. We are currently seeking the following donations: Soft-bound Qu’rans, prayer rugs, prayer beads, reading materials, dates, and other Eid items. 


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