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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
May 31, 2013
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Children are often the most vulnerable to blatant persecution, and often forgotten. The stories we hear of Christian persecution of children are horrific: children are abducted, abused, sold into slavery, or forced to marry (a common religious conversion tactic).
Right now, ICC works across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate children in situations just these. We also work in preventative measures by removing children from vulnerable environments. Our safe homes expand across the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, providing for the full-time care of 300 children to date. 
Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, Christian home, education, and opportunities they would normally be denied because of their religious identity. With your help, we will be able to greatly expand this program. For just $45/month, you can sponsor one child and play a pivotal role in this important work.

Intense Christian Persecution in the Central African Republic Ignored by the World
5/24/2013 Central African Republic (Canada Free Press)
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In the Central African Republic Christians are being  attacked, tied up, beaten, and killed. Some of the Africans have even had to pay the Seleka rebels to not kill them. 200,000 Christians have been internally displaced from their homes to keep them safe. Others have fled to the countryside or to other countries all together. Church leaders are being killed and the violence is not ending. The severe and violent persecution occurring in the Central African Republic has not been acknowledged by the rest of the world.

Pray for the healing of those who have been attacked

Pray for the rebels, that they would stop destroying this nation
Pray for international attention on this issue to grow!
Christians in Sudan's Nuba Mountains Continue to Suffer
5/25/2013 Sudan (WND) 
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Sudanese rebels continue to attack Christians, worsening the anti-Christian movement in this region. When Sudan and South Sudan split, Sudan gained control of the Nuba Mountains and refused to let them go due to the oil fields there. Church doors are being forced to close and Christian literature is being found and destroyed. They have begun violent attacks and bombing of numerous locations, resulting in a number of deaths. There is no sign of attacks ceasing any time soon. 
Pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones

Pray that the Christians stand strong against the Sudanese rebels
Pray for the attackers to come to know their Savior 
Christians Fear for Future in Syria 
5/27/2013 Syria  (Christian Today)

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More than a million Christians have fled Syria because of the war that is currently taking place. Neighboring countries such as Lebanon are also suffering due to the large amount of refugees invading the country. The church is doing all that they can to help, but their supplies have been completely exhausted. This conflict not only affects Christians in Syria but all of the Syrian people as there are many people held captive as a result of this war.
Pray for the Church to remain strong
Pray for the war to cease in Syria
Pray for the safety of the victims of war 
Christians Suffer as Vietnam Crackdowns on Freedom of Expression 
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One of the few remaining communist countries in the world, Vietnam is aggressively trying to stifle the cry of its people for increased human rights and freedoms, consequently furthering the persecution of Christians. Catholic activists are being charged with imprisonment and suspensions. They are accused of crimes they do not commit. The activists are defending their faith, but the officials exaggerate the truth to be able to arrest them. Religion is regulated in Vietnam and the arrests are becoming more frequent. 
Pray for the safety of all activists
Pray that Vietnam’s government becomes tolerant 
Christian Pastor Murdered as Nigeria Declares a State of Emergency
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Rev. Faye Pama had just finished a Bible study in Nigeria and was on his way home when he was murdered by a suspected Boko Haram militant. The suspect followed the pastor home, broke into the pastor’s house, dragged him outside and shot him. His daughter followed her father outside and begged for his life, only to witness the murder. The pastor was probably targeted because he was outspoken about his feelings towards Boko Haram. Nigeria declared a state of emergency after the murder to try and stop the violence of Boko Haram. 
Pray for the family of Rev. Faye Pama (He was survived by a wife and three children)
Pray for the government to put a stop to the violence through this state of emergency
Pray for Boko Haram militants to cease attacks and come to know Christ as Lord 
No Change in Case of Uzbekistan Christian Woman Sentenced to ‘Corrective Labor’ 
5/29/13 Uzbekistan (Christian News) 
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Sharofat Allamova is an Uzbekistan Christian woman who had illegally possessed a Bible and received a year and a half of “corrective labor” for her actions. She was pressed with criminal charges for her possession as religious literature is under high restriction in Uzbekistan. Her sentence remains the same, she is still facing the same punishment. More people have received fines for private meetings in homes that involve Christian literature or for having personal Bibles.
Pray for Sharofat Allamova as she goes through her “corrective labor”
Pray for all Christians in Uzbekistan under persecution, that they would remain strong and continue to pursue their relationships with God despite any opposition 
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