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 of Stanley Paine

Specialist on Spanish History,
  about Spain and Islam
Posted: 02 Jun 2013 

Spanish gentleman,by El Greco

Recently,in 2010,Stanley G. Paine,American expert on Spanish civilization and history,published a scholarly analysis of Spanish history.His book was first in Spanish and then in 2011 published in English as “Spain:a Unique History”.
Chapter 2 of his book is “Spain and Islam:The Myth of Al-Andalus” and here I cite his conclusions textually so that nobody can say a paraphrase of mine does not represent him.The only modification of mine is that I enumerate some of his statements.
But first,about the Christian Martyrs of Cordoba (850-055 AD)
Some 50 Christians were executed for criticizing Muhammad and the Koran.
But that is not all,we have documentary evidence that people in the Golden Age of Muslim Spain were executed only because they had left Islam,they had not even criticized it.Read it,it’s very moving indeed.

The book “Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain” 

by Kenneth Baxter Wolf
Here is what Stanley Paine wrote about the subject
“To the extent that the medieval Spanish experienced any genuine conviviencia:
1.This did not take place in Al-Andalus,where Christians completely disappeared
2.But in the Reconquest Christian kingdoms from the late eleventh century on.
3.The era from the mid-thirteenth to mid-fourteenth centuries has been called the “Mudejar century”,for by then the incorporation of Muslim minorities had reached its height,and a certain amount of cultural diffusion took place.In the conquered southern cities,Spanish architecture introduced its distinctive style of impressive facades but retained the existing Muslim configuration of narrow,winding streets with little public space.
Christian architecture was considerably superior and had little to learn from that of the Muslims,but Andalusi or Mudejar architectural decoration generally won favor and became a common Spanish motif during this era.
The public baths that existed in medieval Spain were probably not so much a matter of Islamic influence as of the Roman tradition,for at that time they sometimes existed beyond the Pyrenees as well,being eliminated throughout Europe by the sixteenth century.”
What is Mudejar?
The author sometimes uses this term and it comes from the Arabic Mudajjan, ”domesticated”.It is the name given to the Muslims of Al-Andalus who remained in Iberia after the Christian  reconquest but were not converted to Christianity.
Something similar happened in Poland
The difference was that in Spain the Jews were later discriminated and finally expelled in 1492,but not in Poland,they had their autonomy and rights until the disappearance of Poland in the later 18th century.

Polish kingdom,1600

“The Golden Age of the Jews in Poland,from 1334-1795,
about 450 Years”
Stanley Paine also wrote:
“Ultimately,what took place between Christians and Muslims:
1.Was a form of coexistence not equivalent to Americo Castro’s convivencia.
2.There were individual conversions,primarily of Jews and Muslims to Christianity,and also a certain number of mixed marriages(commonly of a Christian man with a Muslim woman),but the kind of cultural assimilation from among much of the Jewish population did not generally extend to Muslims.
3.Technical borrowing in esthetics,economic production and technology took place on both sides,but the Mudejar minority showed no sign of general assimilation,even though it seems to have had a kind of hybrid culture,Islamic in its fundamentals of religion and thought,marriage and family,food and dress,though partially assimilated in its economic life.
Bernard Vincent has judged that “Morisco and Christian culture clashed nearly every respect.Their two styles of life were diametrically opposed.The inner organization of Morisco homes and the way houses were grouped in neighborhoods in no way resembled the way in which Christian did such things”
Christians were offended by the sound of Muslim music and ceremonies,the scent of the perfume Muslims used,and the bright color of their clothing,whose style and tone were so different from the more austere Spanish manner.They found equally offensive such basic domestic practices as sitting on the floor to eat without tables,chairs or benches,and sleeping on the floor in standard oriental style on mats rather than in beds.”
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a Jewish Believer in Jesus(Jonathan Bernis) about Islam
Posted: 02 Jun 2013

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