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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
June 28, 2013
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Children are often the most vulnerable to blatant persecution, and often forgotten. The stories we hear of Christian persecution of children are horrific: children are abducted, abused, sold into slavery, or forced to marry (a common religious conversion tactic).
Right now, ICC works across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate children in situations just these. We also work in preventative measures by removing children from vulnerable environments. Our safe homes expand across the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, providing for the full-time care of 300 children to date. 
Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, Christian home, education, and opportunities they would normally be denied because of their religious identity. With your help, we will be able to greatly expand this program. For just $45/month, you can sponsor one child and play a pivotal role in this important work.

Egypt’s Bible Burning Cleric Sentenced to 11 Years

6/17/2013 Egypt (Christian Post)

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In Egypt a Muslim cleric is being sent to jail for 11 years and fined $430 for burning a Bible last year outside of the U.S. embassy in protest of an anti-Islam film. His son was fined $286 for his involvement in this act and the cleric admitted he was planning on having his grandson urinate on the Bible as well. Egypt has laws against blasphemy and insulting religious laws which typically target Christians, however in this case the laws defended Christians. 
Pray for the Muslim cleric
Praise God that he was imprisoned for his actions towards the Bible
Praise God for these laws working in the favor of Christians 

Thousands Flee as Islamic Militants Threaten Bloodbath in Nigeria
 6/22/13 Nigeria (CIC)
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Boko Haram is it at again in Nigeria with continued threats to kill Christians. They claim that their attacks are an act of revenge against the Nigerian military because they destroyed the Islamist’s bases. The group has not only attacked churches but they are now attacking schools, having killed 16 high school students. They have killed at least two students in recent days and there appears to be no signs of stopping. Due to fear of death, thousands of Nigerians are fleeing their nation in efforts to stay alive.
Pray for the Nigerians to remain strong and not back down from their faith
Pray for Boko Haram

Pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones
China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

6/24/13 China (ICC)
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Christians in China are being imprisoned and persecuted in labor camps. They are arrested for attending house churches and then brought to the labor camps. In a span of 2 years there were 50-60 Christians imprisoned in what was described by a former prisoner as “a living hell”. The government urges the Christians to be registered with the “Three-Self church” as this is controlled ultimately by the Communist Party regarding who preaches and what they are allowed to preach. Pastors that are not associated with this church are closely watched as house churches and underground churches remain illegal in China. 
Pray for Christians in the camps
Pray for pastors of the underground house churches
Pray for the Communist Party to release some of their power 
48,000:0 Afghanistan’s Mosque-to-Church Ratio as of June 2013
 6/25/13 Afghanistan (FMI)
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The Afghanistan population is 31 million people with less than 5,000 indigenous Christians. There are 48,000 mosques and zero churches in this country! If a Muslim chooses to convert to Christianity and believe in God they have what is called an “honor-killing”. This is when the new believer’s family kills them before the government finds out that they have converted, otherwise they would be harshly imprisoned and potentially executed. The reason nobody is converting to Christianity is fear of their own lives being taken away. 
Pray for God’s Name and His love to be known among these people

Pray for those who do convert to Christianity, even when it means giving up their lives
Violations of Religious Freedom Widespread in Uzbekistan

6/26/2013  Uzbekistan (ICC)
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Uzbekistan officials continue to persecute Christians for possession of Bibles and other religious paraphernalia. Four Baptists were stopped at customs while traveling into Uzbekistan for their Bibles, Baptist magazines, calendars, DVDs, etc. They were fined somewhere between 5 to 10 times their monthly salary. An elderly woman with Parkinson’s disease had her house raided by officials claiming they were performing an “anti-terror cleansing”. Not only did they tear her house apart but they fined her 10 times a monthly salary for her possession of a Bible.  Christians are not a threat to the Uzbekistan government, this persecution is ultimately counterproductive.

Pray for the elderly woman and the Baptists
Pray for the the country of Uzbekistan 
Christians To Join Millions of Egyptians In Sunday’s Street Protests Calling on Islamist President Morsi to Resign
 6/28/13 Egypt (ICC)
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Millions of Egyptians will be flooding the streets on June 30th, to protest the first anniversary of Mohammed Morsi's presidency.  The people are calling for Morsi's resignation due to the government's broken promises and increasing Islamization of the country under his regime.  Christians, as victims of this Islamization, plan to join in the protest for a more democratic Egypt.  Violence is expected to ensue, and the fate of Egypt is very much uncertain.
Pray for protection for those involved in the protest this weekend
Pray for Christians in Egypt to stand on God's love and truth
Pray that Egypt's government will recognize the rights of all religions equally.
Providing assistance, advocacy and awareness to persecuted Christians with integrity towards God and our donors. 
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