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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
May 24, 2013
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Children are often the most vulnerable to blatant persecution, and often forgotten. The stories we hear of Christian persecution of children are horrific: children are abducted, abused, sold into slavery, or forced to marry (a common religious conversion tactic).
Right now, ICC works across the globe to rescue and rehabilitate children in situations just these. We also work in preventative measures by removing children from vulnerable environments. Our safe homes expand across the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, providing for the full-time care of 300 children to date. 
Our goal is to provide each child with a safe, Christian home, education, and opportunities they would normally be denied because of their religious identity. With your help, we will be able to greatly expand this program. For just $45/month, you can sponsor one child and play a pivotal role in this important work.

Court Again Cancels Hearing of Falsely Accused Christians in Orissa
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In India, eastern Orissa state to be exact, 7 Christian men are in jail for being falsely accused of murdering a Hindu man. Four and a half years later the trial continues to be delayed. Maoists have confessed to the crime but the Christian men are still paying the price for the crime. These men wives and children live in poverty while they are being forced to stay in jail. They are being held captive ultimately to make a statement against Christianity in Orissa. Some say it may take another year before these men are returned to their wives.

Pray that these men would be released SOON
Pray for their families, especially their wives
Pray that Orissa would become a Christian state
Anti-Christian Hostilities Escalating in Tanzania
5/20/2013 Tanzania (Morning Star News)
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Islamic extremists continually attack Christians in Tanzania. Not only are they bombing churches but demolishing the church buildings as well as killing priests. They have set churches on fire and many other acts of violence and terror against the churches. Their main goal is that through these attacks the Christian church would be oppressed and it seems they have no plan to cease the attacks.
Pray for the Christian church in Tanzania
Pray for the safety of priests and Christians
Pray that the Islamic extremists would come to know Christ 
Christians in Egypt Continue to Endure Ever Escalating Levels of Persecution
5/20/2013 Egypt  (Christian Today)

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Attacks on Christians in Egypt are escalating so Christians are forced to flee their homes in hope of finding a safer place. Recently a church was under attack, bricks being thrown and guns shot in attempts to destroy the church. A copt (native Christian of Egypt) was killed and a death certificate was written without an agreement on how they passed away, which has never been done before. After they attacked this one church in particular and became outnumbered that continued on to attack another. Two Muslims have been arrested and they are looking for Christians to arrest as well. 
Pray for the safety of Christians in Egypt
Pray for the Church to stand strong against these attacks 
2 Suspects Detained in 14 Year Old Murder of Christian Missionary in India 
5/21/13 India (Worthy News) 
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14 years ago a Christian missionary in India was burned to death along with his two sons by Hindu extremists. Police have finally taken two suspects into custody for this crime. This man, Graham Staines, and his two sons Philip and Timothy were sleeping in their station wagon in an Indian village when the car was set on fire. His widow, Gladys, forgives the killer who has taken her family away from her. 
Pray that Gladys’ forgiveness sets an example to all people
Pray that the criminals are found and justice is served 
Christian Woman in Uzbekistan Sentenced to Corrective Labor for Owning Religious Literature
5/22/13 Uzbekistan (Forum 18) 
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Sharofat Allamova is a protestant woman from Uzbekistan. Her sentence is a year and a half of corrective labor for “illegal production, storage, import or distribution of religious literature”. She has been given a low paying job for the state and is required to pay 20% of her salary back to the state. Allamova is also not permitted to travel outside of Uzbekistan. Two raids of her house will be permitted in January.  
Pray for Sharofat Allamova, for her safety and that she will continue to have the strength and faith to preach the Gospel under all circumstances
Pray for the Church to stand strong behind her during these trials
Pray for the Uzbekistan officials, that they would come to know Jesus
Trial of Teacher Characterizes New Wave of Blasphemy Charges Against Christians in Egypt
5/23/13 Egypt (Christian Science Monitor) 
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Abdel Nour is a Christian teacher in Egypt. Three of her students accused her of “insulting Islam” during a social studies lesson. This seems to have started a trend of blasphemy charges against Christians in Egypt. Christian teachers are now living under constant fear that they may be accused of the same blasphemy. Nour is currently in hiding with lawyers and local activists fighting on her behalf.
Pray for Abd
Pray for Christian teachers in Egypt, that they will not have to bear these false accusations
el Nour
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