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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
May 3, 2013
Raise Your Voice to
End Forced Church Closures
in Indonesia! 
Since 2006, dozens of churches have been sealed shut by government officials across Indonesia who fear pressure from radical Islamic groups. As recently as March, hundreds of Indonesian Christians on the outskirts Jakarta watched in utter dismay as authorities used heavy machinery to tear down the church that they had been locked out after more than 12 years of peaceful services.
Let those at the highest levels of Indonesia’s government know that they cannot sit idly by while churches are shut down at the behest of extremist groups. Sign our petition today!

Churches Stand in Solidarity with Persecuted Christians
4/27/2013 China (Christian Today)
Article Image
Christians around the world suffer persecution for their faith on a daily basis. In some parts of the world Christians are banned from meeting in their own building or even have their churches demolished. Worshippers at Shouwang Church in Beijing, China, are banned from entering their building and have been arrested as they meet outdoors. According to Release International, they have now been forced to hold over 100 services in the open air.
 In May, churches in the UK and Ireland will be holding their church services outside “as an act of public witness.” "This is a great opportunity to stand with courageous Christians who remain true to their beliefs despite opposition."

Praise for the Christians worldwide who are taking a stand
Pray for more churches to get involved
Pray for the Christians all over the world who are unable to meet in their own buildings due to persecution
Kidnapped "Boston Like" Terrorist Attacks a Daily Experience for Christians in Nigeria  
4/28/2013 Nigeria (Christian Post)
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After last week's bombings in Boston, Christians living in Nigeria have reminded the world that terrorist like attacks are a daily occurrence for them. In an open letter, CANAN expressed its desire for the US to designate the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram a terrorist organization. The US has yet to do so and CANAN says the designation would slow down the group's campaign of terror against Christians.
Pray for the safety of Christians in Nigeria
Pray for the people who attack them, that they would come to a saving faith in Christ Jesus
Pray for awareness of Christian persecution to be spread throughout the western world 
Christian Villages "Turned into Battlefields" in Pakistan
4/29/2013 Pakistan (Salem News)
Article Image
Personal rivalries are more and more frequently turning into extreme religious violence in Pakistan. “Pakistani Christian villages have turned into battlefields where armed groups are seen exchanging gunfire with each other.” According to Salem News, a Muslim mob attacked a Christian village in the south of Punjab Province on April 26, which was the third attack on Christians in the past 48 days. As a result of the most recent attack, more than 20 people were arrested from both parties.
Praise for the government acting in justice, instead of participating in the violence
Pray for religious violence in Pakistan to cease
Total Christian Mother Separated From Children and Killed in Somalia
4/29/13 Somalia (Bos News Life)
Article ImageA Christian mother of five children was separated from her children at an Al-Shabaab road block and executed. According to reports, the Islamic terrorist group had been searching for this Christian mother for some time prior to her murder. The extremists knew she was a secret Christian and had already murdered her husband late last year in December because he was a Christian as well. Without a mother and father, who will raise these new Christian orphans? 
Pray for the safety and care of the 5 children who have now lost both parents
Pray that the Muslim extremists who killed her would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior
North Korea Sentences American Christian to 15 Years Hard Labor
5/2/13 North Korea (Asia News)
Article ImageAn American Christian has been sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea for ‘committing crimes against the state.’ “The sentence is the harshest ever issued by the judicial authorities of the North against a foreign national.” Some say that his arrest is due to the current tensions between the US and North Korea, while other sources say that he carried on missionary work that “may have attracted the attention of the authorities and resulted in his arrest and conviction. In North Korea, there is no religious freedom and the faithful are in last place in the social hierarchy.”  
Pray for the hearts of the governtment officials who made this decision  
Pray for the sentence to be taken away!
Pray for the Christian given the sentence, that he would experience safety and be a strong witness for Christ in this situation
New Hope Church in Istanbul Attacked by Mob of Over 30 People
5/2/13 Turkey (DemokratHaber)
Article ImageNew Hope Church in Istanbul was attacked by a mob of over 30 people when they threw stones and eggs at the building. They also kicked the door down, shattered windows, and destroyed items inside the church. No one was injured, despite a significant amount of destruction to the property. Police went to the scene immediately and began a large investigation of the attack, which is still ongoing.
Pray for the restoration of the church building
Pray for the safety of the entire congregation
Pray for the attackers to be brought to justice 
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