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May 1st, 2013

Dear Friend,

Islamic group sues Christian Action Network for $30 million
Terrorist front group claims defamation caused by release of new book

An Islamic terrorist group called The Muslims of America (MOA) is suing me for libel and defamation.

This group is FURIOUS that my new book, "Twilight in America," exposes their illegal terrorist activities in America. Now they are asking a federal court to stop publication of my book ... place a gag order on me ...

... and they are asking for $30 million dollars from me, my co-author, and Christian Action Network!

This Muslim group is attacking my First Amendment right to TELL THE TRUTH but:

I will NEVER EVER back down from telling the truth and exposing the lies about this Islamic terrorist group.

Read more about this shocking lawsuit  HERE.

Friend, I urge you to read this book. I detail how this Islamic terrorist groups is setting up guerilla warfare training camps inside the United States. I even interview an undercover informant for the NYPD who spent 8 years inside these camps. His statements are absolutely frightening.

Click HERE and order your copy right away. You can also begin reading it immediately in Kindle format.

Do you believe that I have the right to expose radical terrorist training camps operating on American soil?

Do you believe that I have the right to publish the documented criminal activity of this MOA group - including murders, assassinations, drug crimes, welfare crimes, illegal weapons, and much more?

Do you believe this MOA group needs to be investigated for beatings and other abuse of women and elderly on these compounds?

If you agree, then please READ MY NEW BOOK. This is the book they are suing me over! It is the best-seller that is causing an uproar in the ISLAMIC world! Ordering a copy of my book is the best message we can send to this radical Islamic group that operates unfettered on American soil!

This lawsuit is rocking our tiny organization to its very core - but I am determined to get the truth out. Please visit our web site for more details about this Islamic group known as MOA, a known terrorist front group operating on dozens of camps in rural America.

Let me tell you one more important fact revealed in my new book: This Muslim American group - which is controlled by a radical Pakistani sheikh - has their own secret jihadist army that has been trained to attack America. THEY HAVE ALREADY KILLED!

Will you keep me, my co-author and Christian Action Network in your prayers as we prepare to fight this $30 million lawsuit? Our safety is in peril, and the future of our organization is threatened by this lawsuit. Please "pray without ceasing."

Thank you, and God bless,

Martin Mawyer, President and Founder

P.S. - In 2010 I received a surprising phone call from a young man named Ali. He told me that he had worked as an undercover informant exposing the terrorist activities on Islamic camps in America - and he wanted to tell his story. His incredible story is revealed for the first time ever in "Twilight in America."

Once you have ready my book, I know you will ask the same question that Ali asked: "Why hasn't law enforcement shut down these terror training camps in America?"


Martin Mawyer on the Sean Hannity Show 
Martin Mawyer
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