jeudi 9 mai 2013


Canada: Muslim population doubles since 9/11, fastest growing religious population

Like in the U.S., 9/11 was just the beginning of a rapid wave of Islamization in Canada. The hijra continues unabated. via Muslims fastest growing religious population in Canada |National Post.

Across the country, the Muslim population is growing at a rate exceeding other religions, according to Statistics Canada. It is even growing faster than the number of Canadians identifying as having no religion, though just barely, according to the National Household Survey released Wednesday.

The Muslim population exceeded the one million mark, according to the survey, almost doubling its population for the third-consecutive decade.

However, the survey results should be taken with caution. Experts say the voluntary nature of the survey, which replaced the mandatory long-form census, leaves gaps in the data from groups that tend not to respond to such surveys, such as new immigrants.

In other words, there are likely many more Muslims who didn’t respond.
Experts believe the data provide a fairly good, broad picture of Canada, but data on smaller groups may have less reliable information.

As mosques become more commonplace and more women wear the niqab, there are growing debates about religious accommodations.
“We need to sit down as Muslims, not as a community because there isn’t one community, and decide what we want to be accommodated and what we want to give up,” said Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.

Huh? Accommodate? Unabashed supremacists. They don’t come to assimilate, they come to dominate.

One-on-one, non-Muslims may have favourable views of their Islamic colleagues, but that feeling doesn’t always extend to the wider Muslim population, said Pamela Dickey Young, a professor of religion and culture at Queen’s University.

Dozens of Muslims living in Canada have been convicted of or died waging jihad, and Muslims have forced Islam on Canadians – how can that be viewed favorably?
“It isn’t like Canadian Muslims have not tried to educate the Canadian populace…but for some reason there’s still that edge with it that some Canadians have problems getting over,” Dickey Young said.

Again, huh? Canadians don’t need to be educated on Islam, Muslim immigrants need to assimilate to Canada.
Muslims now represent 3.2 per cent of the country’s total population, nudging up from the two per cent recorded in 2001.

Immigration has largely fuelled the increase, with the largest share coming from Pakistan over the past five years, according to Statistics Canada.

But the survey provides no breakdown of type of Muslims living in Canada, as the survey didn’t ask respondents, for instance, whether they were Shiite or Sunni.

Vehemently anti-West, anti-free speech, pro sharia, pro jihad, terrorist-haven Pakistan. Oh Canada.

In true supremacist fashion, even in the accompanying graphic the mosque must reign supreme:




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