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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
May 10, 2013
Last Week to Raise Your Voice to
End Forced Church Closures
in Indonesia! 
Since 2006, dozens of churches have been sealed shut by government officials across Indonesia who fear pressure from radical Islamic groups. As recently as March, hundreds of Indonesian Christians on the outskirts Jakarta watched in utter dismay as authorities used heavy machinery to tear down the church that they had been locked out after more than 12 years of peaceful services.
Let those at the highest levels of Indonesia’s government know that they cannot sit idly by while churches are shut down at the behest of extremist groups. Sign our petition today!

Jailed U.S. Pastor Remains Joyful in Iran's Deadly Prison
Article Image
After more than 200 days in Iran’s Evin Prison, known for its brutal treatment of prisoners, letters from American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini reveal that he is clinging to joy in the midst of intense persecution. Since his imprisonment in Evin Prison, where he is serving an eight-year sentence for being a “threat to national security,” Pastor Abedini continues to be denied medical treatment for internal bleeding due to injuries sustained through repeated beatings and physical torture.
In a malicious act of psychological torture, prison officials recently took him to hospital, only to bring him back without any medical treatment. They taunted him by telling him it would be two months before he saw a doctor. After returning from the hospital, prison officials severely beat him on the same day, continuing their effort to torture the faith out of him.

Praise for Pastor Saeed’s joy in the middle of intense persecution
Pray for the officials who are torturing him, and that they would stop
Pray for Pastor Saeed’s release from prison!
Young Christian Girls Trafficked into Forced Labor and Sex Slavery  
5/5/2013 Bangladesh (International Christian Concern)
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More than 140 children have been rescued from Islamic training centers (madrassas) in the last nine months, with a majority of the children targeted because of their Christian faith.  The females, accounting for nearly half of those rescued, report that they were used for forced labor and sex slavery. “They were forcefully converted to Islam,” said Akash, a contact for International Christian Concern (ICC) whose name is changed for security reasons. “The girls were made to wear veils at all times. Some girls were also forced to work as slaves in the homes of Muslim families and were only fed one time a day.”

The rescued girls were told they would study at a Christian school and receive training to become beauticians. However, after completing the grueling travel from their villages to the capitol city, Dhaka, they discovered it was all a lie.“Instead of training in the Beautifying Parlor, we were forcefully sent to hotels for the sex trade,” explained one of the girls.
Praise for the children who have been rescued
Pray for the children who are still in Islamic training centers
Pray for the healing of the children who have been through this intense trauma 
Two Killed and Over 50 Wounded in Tanzanian Church Bombing
5/7/2013 Tanzania (International Christian Concern) 
Article Image
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Tanzania’s northern city of Arusha was bombed on Sunday, May 5th. At least two people are confirmed dead as a result of the blast. The BBC reported that as many as 50 people were wounded, including 44 of whom received serious injuries and have been rushed to nearby hospitals. The church was bombed during its official opening, with the bomb thrown into the building from a motorcycle.  
When it exploded there was a stampede, people running in all directions, walking over each other, children were screaming and women crying,” a witness told Al Jazeera. “I saw a dead woman trampled, I think even her two children were killed in the same way,” another witness added. Tanzania’s president, Jakaya Kikwete, has condemned the bombing as an “act of terrorism,” and has vowed to bring those responsible to justice. 
Pray for the families of the people who died
Pray for proper medical care and healing of those who were injured
Pray for justice, and the complete rebuilding of the church 
The World Continues to Ignore the Thousands of Christians Murdered in Nigeria
5/7/13 Nigeria (Bos News Life)
Article ImageSince the beginning of 2012, over 1,000 Christians have been murdered in Nigeria.
The most recent eruption of violence took place over the weekend when a Christian funeral service led to violent clashes between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria. According to the most recent reports, around 37 people were killed in that violence. Most Christians murdered in 2012 were killed by the extremist group Boko Haram which has targeted Christians for its acts of terror in order to carve out a separate Islamic state in northern Nigeria.
Even though thousands of Christians have been murdered, the US and the international community continue to ignore the issues of religious violence in Nigeria and Boko Haram. How many more have to die before the world to pays attention?
Pray for Boko Haram’s reign of terror to end
Pray for the families of everyone who has died    
Pray for the world to intervene in the injustice and violence in Nigeria!
Justice Continues to be Denied to Christians in India 5 Years Later
5/8/13 India (Catholic Culture) 
Article Image
Justice continues to be denied for Christians affected by the 2008 anti-Christian riots in India's northeastern state of Orissa that left over 100 dead and over 50,000 homeless. Using police intimidation, witness tampering and judicial loopholes, Christians devastated by the riots have seen their attackers go free. In particular, seven Christian men remain imprisoned in Orissa, falsely accused of the murder of a Hindu cleric that sparked off the violence. These Christian men have yet to receive a trial of any sort five years after being arrested.    
Pray for justice for the Christians of Orissa
Pray for the seven men who remain imprisoned for their faith
Pray for God to touch the hearts of the government leaders of India
Spring Brings Torture and Death for Christians in Somalia
Article ImageWith the establishment of a new government in Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu, many Somali refugees are risking returns to Somalia with the belief that the failed state may now be safer. The country remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be called a Christian. Somali Christians know that having their religious identities discovered by al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist network in Somalia, is tantamount to a death sentence, fact Somali Christians were reminded of this spring when two Christians were captured, tortured and killed by al-Shabaab.
Pray for the suffering of persecuted Christians in Somalia to be relieved
Pray for the families of those who have been attacked
Pray for the gospel to spread across every inch of Somalia! 
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