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News and Prayer for the Persecuted
April 12, 2013
Raise Your Voice to
End Forced Church Closures
in Indonesia! 
Since 2006, dozens of churches have been sealed shut by government officials across Indonesia who fear pressure from radical Islamic groups. As recently as March hundreds of Indonesian Christians on the outskirts of the capital of Jakarta watched in utter dismay as authorities used heavy machinery to tear down the church that they had been locked out after more than 12 years of peaceful services.
Let those at the highest levels of Indonesia’s government know that they cannot sit idly by while churches are shut down at the behest of extremist groups. Sign our petition today!

Christians and Muslims Attempt to Heal Communities Broken in Nigeria 
4/6/2013 Nigeria (All Africa
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Despite the damage done by Boko Haram in the country of Nigeria, Christians and Muslims are coming together and seeking peace. This past Easter both Muslims and Christians peacefully celebrated together and lamented over the hatred and distrust that existed between the two religions. "We want to break the cord of hatred between Muslims and Christians in this state and in Nigeria at large and we believe that little by little, we will overcome the threat to peace and peaceful coexistence,” said Pastor Yohanna Y. Buru, chairman and founder of Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation of Nigeria.

Praise God for the peaceful celebration that took place and the steps taken towards reconciliation 
Pray for healing of the rest of the country of Nigeria 
300,000 Christians Flee War, Persecution in Syria 
4/7/2013 Syria (Asia News) 
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Some 300,000 Christians are living as refugees after escaping war and persecution in Syria, Asia News reports. While people from every political, ethnic, and religious background are suffering in Syria’s civil war, Christians have found themselves in a very unique and frightening situation, having widely chosen not to take up arms or to openly support either the rebels or the regime. However, as time goes by, "host families do not have enough resources to help Syrian refugees," the CNEWA director noted. By contrast, "requests are increasing day by day. Soon no one will be able to afford even the most basic aid." Christians in Syria also fear they might become a target for Islamic extremists. 
Pray for the refugees that have escaped persecution in Syria
Pray for the safety of all in the middle of the conflict
Pray for aid to be supplied to all who need it
Iran Cracks Down on House Churches in “Islamic” Cities 
4/8/2013 Iran (Mohabat News) 
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The spread of house churches across Iran has angered the government. Iranian officials are threatening to rid “Islamic” cities—including Qom and Mashhad—of house churches, Mohabat News reports. According to police, at least one church fellowship was shut down in Mashhad and its members are being prosecuted for worshiping ‘illegally.’ “Knowing that Christians have church buildings in Iran, this is a plan to corrupt and to bring division between religions!” reported Ati News, an pro-government agency. “The Iranian officials claim that house-churches are not a place of worship, but are a place to promote anti-religion and anti-Islamic beliefs instead.” 
Praise God for the movement throughout Iran
Pray that the believers will be strenghtened, not crushed, by this persecution 
Pray for the government of Iran to respect freedom of religion in word and deed 
Christian Child in Egypt Found After Abduction 
4/9/13 Egypt (Egypt Independent) 
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Praise report: After being abducted in front of Father Paula Church in Shubra al-Kheima on Sunday, a Christian child has been recovered by police. Officials are currently working to return him to his family. Motivations behind the abduction are still not clear, but this incident shows how Coptic Christians in Egypt are targeted for some of the most heinous crimes. The abductors have been captured and will face justice for their crimes. 
Praise God that the child was found!
Praise God that the police are upholding justice
Pray that other children in Egypt will be found and given similar treatment
Police Watch while Christian Neighborhood is Ransacked by Muslim Mob in Pakistan  
4/10/13 Pakistan  (International Christian Concern) 
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A Muslim mob attacked Christian-owned shops and a church in the Francis Colony of Gujranwala, Pakistan on Wednesday following a dispute between Christian youth and a Muslim cleric a day earlier. The violence occurred only a few hours after Pakistan’s Supreme Court condemned police for not intervening in anti-Christian riots on March 9 that resulted in some 180 Christian homes being torched in the Joseph Colony of Lahore. The court’s admonishment, however, appeared to be disregarded by police who again failed to protect Christian property from being destroyed by a violent mob, advocates say.
Pray for the Christians who were attacked
Pray for the violence that continues to occur and worsen in Pakistan
Pray for the government officials to stop ignoring justice 
North Korea Worst Persecutor of Christians 
4/11/13 North Korea (International Christian Concern)  
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As more people flee from North Korea, their disturbing stories confirm suspicions that the nation is the worst persecutor of Christians in the world, whose violence is directed, empowered and endorsed by the government. Christians die daily in concentration camps pretending to be prisons, holding thousands of Christians, including young children. “Every day tens of thousands of Christians serve out excruciating sentences in one of North Korea’s six major prison camps, and every day even those who are free must pray and worship in complete secrecy.”
Pray for the government leaders of North Korea, that they would come to know Christ
Pray for the tens of thousands of Christians being tortured in the prison camps
Pray for immediate change in North Korea, the worst place in the world to be a Christian
Providing assistance, advocacy and awareness to persecuted Christians with integrity towards God and our donors. 
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