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News and Prayer for the Persecuted

Revival in Iran: 'I Want to Be a Christian'
7/29/2014 Iran (CBN News)

With violence following Christians throughout the Middle East and governments brutally repressing the church, it can be hard to look past the persecution. However, a closer look at the church in Iran brings an encouraging note to the recent wave of arrests. A revival is taking place in Iran, bringing many to Jesus Christ, though at great costs as many are forced to leave the country or risk arrest.

  • Pray Iran will become a God-fearing nation again, and have a nation-wide revival in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Pray for the protection, safety and uplifting of all Christians seeking asylum and who remain in Iran 
  • Pray for the release of Christian prisoners in Iran such as Saeed Abedini, Behnam Irani and more

Court Unanimously Rules Against Atheists Seeking Removal of 9/11 Cross
7/29/2014 United States (Christian News Network)

A court of appeals has unanimously ruled that a steel beam cross displayed at a museum remembering the September 11th attacks does not violate the U.S. Constitution.  The organization American Atheists originally filed a claim that stated that the presence of the cross caused physical distress, citing symptoms such ranging from depression to indigestion.  However, the court of appeals unanimously declared that, due to the fact that the museum is not publicly endorsing Christianity, there is no violation of rights.

  • Pray for continued victory in this case 
  • Pray the members of the American Atheists organization will receive the Truth in their hearts through this case
  • Pray for the comforting hand of God to come upon the families who suffered loss on September 11, 2011

Meriam Tells Italian Newspaper, "I Have Always...Only Wanted My Faith."
7/28/2014 Ialy (Christian Today)
Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman who has escaped Sudan after her death sentence was repealed, is to settle in the U.S. with her extended family.   Ibrahim experienced a 'lifelong dream' when she met with Pope Francis, who thanked her for her 'witness of faith' and 'perseverance.'  "I have always wanted and only wanted my faith. The love of my husband is a gift from God," Ibrahim told La Repubblica. Sudan remains under Sharia Law with many Christians continuing to be persecuted and put to death.

  • Praise God who has delivered Meriam and her family  from the hands of the enemy 
  • Pray for the safe release and healing of all who remain imprisoned and who are suffering persecution
  • Pray Meriam  and her family will have continued traveling mercies

Gaza's Christians Bury Their First Casualty of The War
7/28/2014 Israel (Your Middle East News)

As the conflict between the Palestinian territories and Israel continues, the violence claims its first known Christian casualty. Jalila Ayyad was killed in her Gaza home after an Israeli airstrike took place on Sunday afternoon. She is survived by her husband and two sons, who were also in the home during the attack. The Christian community in Gaza City, like its counterparts elsewhere in the Middle East, has been shrinking because of both conflict and unemployment, but few say they are staying.

  • Pray for the safety and protection of our Christian brothers and sisters during these dark times 
  • Pray for a revival of Christ's name and Truth to come upon the Holy Land
  • Pray against more casualties during the violence  
BJP Minister in India Apologizes for Hindu Nation Comment
7/28/2014 India (Times of India)

Deputy Chief Minister Francis D'Souza, a Christian and a senior minority member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Goa, apologized for his comments that India's already a 'Hindu nation.'  His comments created strong reactions in the national media, the political scene and amongst Christians, who are waiting for the BJP party to protect them by enforcing religious freedom and equality. The opposition asked the Goa Roman Catholic Church to excommunicate him for committing heresy.

  • Pray the Spirit of our Lord will come upon the nation of India  
  • Pray that BJP will finally begin to enforce religious freedom and equality for Christians in India 
  • Pray for more leaders in India to rise up and speak up for religious minorities 

ISIS Presence In Indonesia Raises Concern 
7/24/2014 Indonesia (Jakarta Globe)

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is sweeping violently across Iraq to re-establish an ancient caliphate based on Sharia Law in the Middle East. Over 30 known Indonesians have joined the jihadist movement fighting in the Middle East, and have established ISIS branches in their homeland, which is a violation of the law according to Ansyaad Mbai of the National Anti-Terror Agency. Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, leader of Indonesia's extremists, has reportedly supported these ISIS branches and has the same goal to create an Islamic state.

  • Pray God will cleanse His holy lands of His enemy, and fill their hearts and minds with the power of His name
  • Pray ISIS will quickly find failure to harm anyone, in Jesus' name
  • Pray that Indonesia's  sympathetic support will not turn into extremism or acts of terror

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